The 3 Major Trends in Outdoor Lighting in 2018

The season for outdoor lighting is always divided into two time windows. In spring, customers are looking for decorative solar lights and fairy lights which set the terrace, the balcony or the garden in an atmospheric setting. In late summer and autumn, on the other hand, the end consumer is looking for lamps that illuminate the terrace or the house sufficiently, as the days are getting shorter again. This article is dedicated to the three major trends in outdoor lighting in 2018.

We want to give you inspiration for beautiful outdoor lighting for house walls and paths, but also for the outdoor lounge area, where you can enjoy the evenings in summer and autumn. Solar lights are more of a decorative nature, so in this article we will turn to the lamps which actually produce light with higher intensity. At various trade fairs, we visited presentations of manufacturers and selected new and older designs that we found interesting and drew our attention to these trends.

Trends bei Außenleuchten in 2018: Effekte, Effekte, Effekte!

The “Meridiano” lighting design by Vibia fascinates with its extraordinary effects and indirect lighting.

First trend: effects, effects, effects!

One of the great trends in outdoor lighting in 2018 is that the lamps are more and more designed with the intention to create a variety of light and shadow effects. Not only the simple illumination of paths and house walls is important, but decorative shadows, which set the house wall, the ceiling or the terrace in scene.

Especially modern models were exhibited by the Swedish manufacturer Konstsmide and the Spanish company Marset at Light + Building 2018. All are equipped with energy-saving LEDs. In terms of color, this year it’s aluminum, anthracite and rust brown that make the race. But many manufacturers also offer white, so the light disappears seamlessly on bright outer walls which enhances the effect that generates the light even more.

When you look at the many novelties also striking: modern designs in the outdoor area are becoming more filigree and compact. With the label Vibia only small points of light remain. The lamp “Bamboo” is a very fine light stick that can be attached individually to the wall or floor and radiates a parabolic cone of light to the surrounding area. Arranged in a group it looks particularly dramatic and is ideal for entrance areas.

Trends bei Außenleuchten in 2018: Effekte, Effekte, Effekte!

Versatile on the wall or for a path lighting is Vibia’s modern “Bamboo” outdoor lamp.

“Origami” is the name of a design that can be put together individually and on whose structured surface the sunlight breaks during the day and in the evening the LEDs behind it impressively emphasize the almost sculptural character of the luminaire. Or the portable and thus flexible floor lamp “stic F” or “vic” by – each ground spikes with cable, so that the lamps can be put at the right spot for the garden party or on the terrace. In winter, the lights can illuminate the way to the house.

Second trend: the more flexible, the better!

You could see it at all the fairs: Flexibility is needed. Not only in the form of app-controlled lights, but also in the form of electricity-independent lamps. Bover, LZF Lamps, Koncept, Pablo Designs and Marset have already shown their products of portable table lamps with rechargeable batteries. Some of them are equipped with speakers or with a dimming function. So anyone can choose the lamp that meets his or her expectations of a beautiful, independent lamp.

Trends bei Außenleuchten in 2018: Je flexibler, desto besser!

The portable “Piknik” lamp by the company LZF Lamps. Designed by Belén Moratalla, Cristina Planells and Inelén Ortín.

One would like to be able to adjust the brightness: to read on the evening terrace or for a romantic atmosphere with a glass of wine and your loved one on the balcony. Another would rather listen to the right music, at a picnic or a barbecue. They all have one thing in common though: a rechargeable battery via USB port provides light in the garden without annoying cables. Especially for garden parties, they are a good and safe solution.

Also “Pong” by Nyta is such a lamp. However, not a table but a pendant lamp which can be easily wrapped around a branch by its long cable. This way the scene can be transformed into a dining room in the countryside.

Third trend: outdoor pendant lamps are back!

We’re already at the last of the trends in outdoor lighting in 2018. Outdoor pendant lamps are back in fashion. Whether this is due to the industrial hype, or because the customers want to set up an “outside-room” as a supplement and extension of the existing space; is a question to be answered. It has been proven that more fresh air promotes well-being and mood – so why not transform the balcony into an extra space of the apartment or set up the patio for the children’s play oasis?

Boho, Oriental, or Ethno, all these styles of living have one thing in common. It’s warm in the countries of origin and it’s quite normal to set up carpets, hammocks, and couches outdoors. And that is precisely what has been propagated in home style magazines around the globe for quite some time now. For this you also need the proper lighting of course.

Trends bei Außenleuchten in 2018: Außen-Pendelleuchten sind zurück!

The “Marietta” lighting design by Spanish label Bover follows the trends in outdoor lighting in 2018.

Solar lights, wind lights and candles create atmosphere. But if you want a real “sense of space”, there is no way past a pendant lamp over the patio table. Meanwhile, there are also pendant lamps that can be placed decoratively between the supports of a pergola or in front of a wall. It’s important that the pendant lamp is suitable for outdoor use. Depending on the roof, it requires IP protection (IP44 or IP65 – IP68 are common) and should be installed so that it can withstand stormy gusts. Tie up long cables in case of bad weather. We’ve discovered great models at Breda, Bolichwerke, Bover, Marset and Foscarini.

Christine was able to take a look at the outdoor pendant lamp “Santorini” by Sputnik Estudio for Marset at Light + Building 2018.

Every company has its own style: Breda, a Dutch family business, interprets Art Nouveau and country house elements in their designs. Bolichwerke on the other hand, inspires enthusiasts of the industrial and retro style and Bover predominantly shows lights with natural materials such as rattan and wood. The great thing about this trend is that everyone can implement their personal style in the outdoor area.

Exceptions prove the rule – or this lamp is out of the ordinary.

A lamp that we like a lot, but has a very different approach in its design language and effect, is the lamp “Flindt” by Louis Poulsen. It’s not brand new, because the bollard light was already available last year but the matching wall pendant was presented this year at the Light + Building in Frankfurt.

“Flindt Wall” is a large wall lamp whose light throws indirectly into the lamp and a placed “pocket”, creating a very diffused light. Nevertheless, there is still enough light capacity hidden in the luminaire to illuminate paths and floors over a wide area. It’s quite large for a sconce but at the same time it becomes a design element on the wall.

So here we are – these are our three big trends in outdoor lighting in 2018.

We hope you share our inspirations. Do you see any further trends in outdoor lighting in 2018? What do you think of the light output of solar lights? Should we also address this in an article? Write us a message using the contact form or reply to your newsletter email. You’re not yet a subscriber – then you’re welcome to sign up with the following login box.

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