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Many of Artemide’s lighting designs have become design icons.

Artemide was founded in 1960 by Ernesto Gismondi and Sergio Mazza in Milan, Italy, where the headquarters of the company are still today. Over the years, the label has become an internationally recognized and respected lighting manufacturer. Artemide has also established branches in the USA and Germany, as well as in numerous other countries.

Whether it is the Eclisse (1967, di Vico Magistretti), the Tizio (1972, design Richard Sapper), the Tolomeo (1989, design Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina) or the Pipe (2004, design Herzog & De Meuron), all of whom have won the Compasso d ‘Oro. When you see them, you recognize them right away. This is what makes a good design: the recognition effect due to the incomparable design, the presence of the object itself and the perfectly matched light for the intended use.

Artemide lamps are used all over the world. Even in movie productions in Hollywood.

They are particularly popular with hotels, museums, public facilities, but also the planners for office facilities are happy to use Artemide lights. Some designs by the lighting manufacturer are even seen as art and exhibited in various museums for modern art and design (e. g. MoMA – Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York or Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica – Milano). The coveted pieces are now produced not only in Italy, but also in Germany, Hungary and France.

With the introduction of the LED as an illumination source, Artemide has also opened up completely new possibilities. There is a department for lighting optics, electronics, materials and light source competency in the Milan office, which accompanies the designs from the drawing to the final product. This is to ensure the high quality requirements as well as the adherence to internal standards. This technology center is also responsible for the Metamorfosi and My White Light product lines.

Artemide has always felt committed in its corporate philosophy to be innovators.

Environmentally friendly materials and production processes as well as ease of use are important key factors in their designs. The label has successfully been producing interior lighting for years and has also recently turned to the development of exterior lighting. Aesthetic aspects, quality and design are characteristics for every Artemide product and go hand in hand with light control, light efficiency, low energy consumption and low operating costs. Another advantage of many Artemide products is the variability of the lamp configuration in three different color temperatures: warm white, neutral white and cold white.

With a corporate philosophy (“The Human Light”) developed since the 1990s, Artemide wants to place people and their well-being at the center of product development. The Human Light is not only focused on the lighting of rooms, but also specifically on human activities in these rooms. The goal is clear but challenging: light should contribute to the improvement of the quality of life.

The “Ameluna” was presented at Light & Building 2016 in cooperation with Mercedes Benz.
Another interesting lamp was “Decomposè Light”. A cylindrical lighting design that gave an almost flexible jumping impression. For once not in the typical colors like chrome or silver, but in colorful tones like: fumé, gold, orange and red. We’re sure that these lamps would make a great addition in bars and counters but also create a good mood over a dining table.

The ceiling light “Chlorofilia 2” was a design, which will surely also be found in some objects. The lamp convinces with its great harmonic organic form. On the other hand the design “Les Danseuses” was totally different: a pendant lamp with an integrated motor, which made a skirt-like fabric screen “dance”.

The illuminated mirror “Samo” by Neil Poulton amazed us as well. The clever placement of the LEDs makes it possible to look glare-free in the mirror. A Musthave for all hotel planners: low power consumption (only 30W), customizable light color, user friendly and easy to clean.

Some of the designers who worked for Artemide are: Gae Aulenti, Mario Botta, Norman Foster, Enzo Mari, Neil Poulton, Karim Rashid, Luigi Serafini and Ettore Sottsass. Since the early years of Artemide, the company has worked with international designers and architects and is actively supporting promotional programs for young designers to promote young talents.

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