The big Christmas Trends 2020/2021

The big Christmas Trends 2020/2021

It will soon be Christmas again and only a few new Christmas trends 2020 can be seen on the market. However, we can say that the trend colors for Christmas 2020 will certainly hold up next year. The times and the question of when there will be face-to-face fairs again to recognize indicators are too uncertain. Many manufacturers and dealers played it safe and limited themselves to “safe” colors and decorations. Nothing speak against that and for our readers from industry and architecture this article seems less relevant due to being published in December.

Therefore, in this article, we present a few basic trends in the 2020-2022 Christmas business. Depending on the manufacturer or dealer, these will be established and pushed in one direction or the other. We show some examples and give tips in which direction you could think as an industrial and trading partner, but also as an end consumer, in order to draw your own conclusions and to combine and decorate your products accordingly.

“Back to Nature” – naturalness as a big Christmas trend in 2020/2021.

This trend has been establishing itself in the interior for a few years. It began with the subject of “Urban Jungle”, developed into a real recycling-eco-hype and crystallized in the interior to the effect that the green nuances, play an important role in terms of shopping behavior.

This “attitude” is also reflected this Christmas. Short-lived decorations like tinsel are completely unnecessary here. Recycled materials, as well as natural materials, play an increasingly important role. Last year this style was still coined by the name “Cool Natural” but has now established itself as a “Back to Nature” style. Shapes such as cones, mushrooms, moss, jute, sisal and lush fir green are the constant elements here.

The basic colors are pine brown to cone brown. So from a rather gray dark brown to an almost honey brown shade. There is also white to natural white, as well as intense fir green or, alternatively, a eucalyptus green, i.e. more white-silver shades of green. Examples from nature are eucalyptus, pine, olive, sage or heather green, such as heather. Berry picks are also popular, depending on color preference. As a cone shape, larch can currently be seen a lot, but the others are also still present. Stars and other Christmas motifs are often made of wood, handmade paper, craft paper, cardboard, but also materials such as felt, straw silk, straw or sisal and macrame in “Back to Nature”. Wood may have bark and be roughly shaped, i.e. appear natural, such as birch. It is up to you how the decoration of the “Back to Nature Style” is developed.

Back to Nature uses three Christmas styles.

Vintage looks: This Christmas trend for 2020 plays with traditional vintage colors such as rosé, mint green or with newly glazed white dark blue or glazed white terra. The metallic color is antique silver or iron black. The shapes and decorations are rocking horses, Santa Clauses and nostalgic furniture with corresponding lavish decorations (vintage style), nutcrackers and angels. Each designed as naturally or traditionally as possible, but with a certain vintage finish.

Rocking horses and nutcrackers are in great demand in vintage style this year.

Rocking horses and nutcrackers are in great demand in vintage style this year.

Even in a vintage-oriented natural Christmas, fabrics are cuddly soft, with tassels, with an embroidery look or a subtle sheen, such as satin. Furs, plaids or patchwork with subtle natural colors or in medium gray also go with it. Craft paper or cardboard and metal are also used as materials. It is important that the natural aspect shapes the image, not the vintage ambience.

Modern-puristic: In terms of color, in addition to the natural basic colors mentioned above, the traditional red, intense terracotta or curry tones, but also a lime green play a role in this expression of the “Back to Nature” style. Or black or dark gray can be used as a contrast. Nordic geometric shapes are essential: e.g. by simple metal rings with subtle cones, berries or eucalyptus decoration.

House silhouettes made of paper, sheet metal or concrete, as well as puristic triangular Christmas tree shapes. Paper and cardboard items can have a metallic partial finish in a purist, modern style. Metal colors are then several possible: gold or old gold goes well with curry, terracotta, black. Chrome-black or silver goes with red or black.

Auch Häuser-Silhouetten aus Papier, Blech oder Beton, sowie puristische dreieckige Tannenbaumformen sind ein Weihnachtstrend in 2020. (Quelle:

Home textiles, such as plaids and table linen, are welcome to have sequins, but otherwise have a clear design and are plain-colored. Satin-shimmering fabrics also go very well here and plain porcelain in white. The elegance of this natural style comes from the simple design language and shiny modern accessories such as simple balls or modern candle holders. If you like, you can sprinkle decorative snow or metallic tinsel between your puristic decorations. Important: less is more. Lavishly decorated objects are rarely used.

Natural: The “Back to Nature” style in its original form. Only the colors natural white, brown, fir green and red are used. You could say it’s the traditional style, but without many metallic effects, without decorative plastic frills and even without many electrical accessories. Apples would also be a perfect match, instead of the balls hanging on the tree, but subtly patterned balls and real candles also look very nice. Cones, but also angels, straw stars, nuts and bells can be used as additional tree hangings for glass balls.

If possible, these are made of natural or ecologically sustainable materials. Cones appear as a motif on home textiles and serviettes. Reindeer, stag or roe deer, as well as mice or birds, could also be present, but only in moderation. Furs, coarse, soft knits, lots of wood, cardboard, paper and concrete come into question as fabrics or materials. Sisal and macrame decorations also go very well here. In terms of color, red or green balls could also hang on the tree or you can set accents with white or clear balls. Accents in medium to dark gray also look particularly elegant, e.g. as home textile or candle color.

Natural materials are particularly effective in modern style. (Source:

Natural materials are particularly effective in modern style. (Source:

Metal effects are silver or gold depending on the brown nuances. This means that silver is used for brown tones in the rather cool area, while old gold or gold can be used for more honey-colored tones – one of the Christmas trends 2020/2021. Important: Any decoration should reflect a “handmade” flair and be made of sustainable material.

So much for the “Back to Nature” style in its possible versions. Of course, everyone is free to vary these according to their ideas, this should only be an incentive as to which colors, materials and fabrics would look particularly harmonious.

Then there is another decoration style for Christmas 2021-2022.

Decadence Christmas Deco

It is inspired by Art Déco, which is known for its luxurious, opulent but rather modern exuberance. We reported on this last year. In brief, the style stands for intense shades of color, which were also popular in the “Roaring Twenties”. But also for opulent decorations and a lavish presence of a lot of glamor. Don’t let the name put you off. Decadence is often negatively affected in the German-speaking world, but here it is only intended to signal that opulence and the abundance of luxurious decorations set the tone. It will continue to exist, even if the polarizing black that the style often brings with it will not convince everyone.

Particularly luxurious and decadent decorations fit in well in Art Deco style.

Particularly luxurious and decadent decorations fit in well in Art Deco style.

We have good news for this style for 2021-2022: Use one of the intense colors of the Art Déco style or gold and combine black and chrome black only in moderation. That lifts the mood and still looks extremely classy. This year, Pantone’s “Blue Depth” or an emerald shade can be seen as a trend color – sometimes with silver, sometimes with gold in combination. Possible new colors for 2021-2022 could be an intense dark velvety red (e.g. “Samba” from Pantone), a dark purple that reflects dark blue-red nuances, let’s call it blue-magenta, as well as an ocher orange, which is most reminiscent of paprika powder (e.g. RAL 8023 just a little more orange). While the red and orange tones harmonize more with old gold or bronze than the metal color, chrome or silver goes better with the violet. Faceted spheres also come into their own when mixed with smooth spheres. Wood plays almost no role here.

It is also important not to place too many ornate elements, as this would be too reminiscent of a vintage style. Geometric shapes and lines were and are popular in Art Deco. This modern component is broken down by (peacock) feathers and faceted crystal glasses, gladly adapted in color. At the table, gold-plated, straight cutlery in combination with modern place settings are a nice contrast to a lavish table decoration. On the tree it can also be modern diamond-shaped pendants or balls, combined with a feather boa as a garland. The balance between opulence and linear design makes this “Decadence Christmas” style an eye-catcher and exudes a nostalgic and modern flair at the same time.

American Sweet Lush

Another influence that we find it increasingly difficult to evade is that of America. Halloween is becoming more popular and more and more Europeans are celebrating this tradition. It is inevitable that the many other American influences spread to us. We also presented the “American Sweet Lush” Christmas style last year. It will continue to manifest. And here the motto is usually: what you like is allowed and a lot of it please! So there is usually not much left of a green tree in American models. It is draped with lots of garlands, balls of all kinds, plus ribbons, stars and candy canes.

To decorate the house, inside and outside, as well as the illumination of any decoration is almost a duty. Stockings on the banister or fireplace, as well as decorative snow complete the picture. The American model shows all traditional figures on the tree, such as stars, bells, angel wings, but also includes newer shapes in the portfolio of tree hangings. Examples from the field of food: chocolate bars, muffins or donuts, cucumbers or coke cans and pizza. Examples from the animal and plant world: deer, elk, tigers, elephants, mushrooms, fish or jellyfish. And then of course there are shapes like tools, gifts, ice skates and much more.

Here are some fine examples of extraordinary tree decorations. Seen at Bungalow Denmark. (Source:

Here are some fine examples of extraordinary tree decorations. Seen at Bungalow Denmark.

The selection of tree hangings in American shops is immense and so you can design a tree according to your own personal motto. Most of the time, the decorations stay true to a bold color motto. This means that the curtain can be colorful, but ribbons or garlands, as well as candles and table runners or serviettes, so everything around is based on a color concept, e.g. Red-White-Green or Blue-White-Bleu.

Brand new among the Christmas trends 2020/21 is an orange-gray-white combination or black-curry-orange-gold. The next two years this style will probably also be dedicated to the maritime segment. Curtains based on a maritime or marine sea life style of living are already available from various manufacturers.

There are also suitable Christmas decorations for Christmas 2020-21 for the "Marine Sea Life" style.

There are also suitable Christmas decorations for Christmas 2020-21 for the “Marine Sea Life” style.

These were just additions and updates to the new Christmas trends for 2020/2021. Of course, others can establish themselves and the traditional red-white-green is never out of style anyway. We hope you enjoy choosing your personal favorites and browsing for relevant manufacturers and dealers.

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