Color Trends for Christmas 2018 and an Outlook for 2019
What are the color trends for Christmas 2018 and which decorating ideas are trendy this year?

Due to high demand, we publish this article about the color trends for Christmas 2018. We realize that we were a bit ahead of time, because our color combinations “Grandma’s Vintage Chest”, “Cozy White Christmas” or “Ice Blue Christmas” from 2017, can be found at various retailers this year and of course we’re pleased to see that. For the upcoming Christmas season, there are lots of new things to write about, but a few updates and variants of 2017 as well.

Let’s take a look at the color palettes that are still relevant this year.

At “Cosy White Christmas” we had matt white accessories on the tree, feathers, as well as white balls and subtle golden accents last year.

This year, not only honey-colored woods are trending, but also accessories with a subtle terracotta tone or warm dark chocolate tones, like a few products from the company Räder. The combination with a warm beige is well received here. Whether matt or gloss finish is left to the decorator of course. Mixing is less hip.

Color Trends for Christmas 2018: Cosy White Christmas

“Grandma’s Vintage Chest” is just as likely to be found this year as it was last year.

Lush, traditional trinkets for the tree are a must. Balls in different shapes such as onions or cones, balls with decorative finishes and antique finish shouldn’t be missing – Chic Antique had a wide selection. Even accessories like nostalgic rocking horses, porcelain cones or round bells are trendy. This color palette also remains, although we’d like to add that vintage usually uses one of the colors rosé, bleu, mint green or antique beige, and is perfected with matching antique silver or gold accents.

Color Trends for Christmas 2018: Grandma's Vintage Chest
There are definitely two colors on the tree this year. This year, the warmth is being absorbed by the traditional forms and, more recently, by a lot of felt and artificial fur in matching colors. In addition, a lot of natural green, especially fir, spruce and pine needles look very noble.

Regarding this year’s decoration, it’s all about cones and round bells – though the rocking horse and the traditional little bird on the tree should not be missed by the die-hard vintage fans. This year, we mainly see the pastel-colored mint green, but the other colors will also be available, as they can also be wonderfully complemented by the other color palettes described.

Blue tones are among the color trends for Christmas 2018. The faction is divided into ice blue and a rather dark gray-blue or night blue.

Icy, bright blue shades (ice-blue) will continue to be decorated with silver and white together. Since felt and fake fur are very trendy this year, they create a warm ambience through feathers, pendants with fake-fur content or cotton-like material. Nostalgic forms as in vintage also create atmosphere.

Color Trends for Christmas 2018: Intense Blue Christmas

Anyone who chooses ice-blue to be his or her favorite, should use many light sources to set the scene. We’re talking about fairy lights, candles and lanterns made of metallized glass, pasted sheet metal or traditionally in glass form. This also applies to the fans of gray-blue / midnight blue. Light optically highlights the rather dark overall composition. Anthracite colored balls combine with dark blue for a more modern look. Silver accessories, as well as chrome looks suitable. Also mirror details on the tree and on other decorations fit well here. If you like contrast, combine it with white.

For those who prefer a more traditional look, combine the night blue with beige balls and choose gold or honey-colored wood decoration as a warm accent. The braver ones can also use a rich orange.

For the modern style of living we had “Purple Christmas Vibe” in our selection last year.

This color palette is very relevant again and also part of the color trends for Christmas 2018. It looks purist modern through a lot of metal and gray-silver tones. This year, also decorative papers are trending.

Color Trends for Christmas 2018: Purple Christmas Vibe
Due to their facet construction, they fit into modern styles, here fittingly in white or light gray. Nostalgia exudes the combination of rose and dark purple or traditional decorations in “Purple Christmas Vibe”.

An absolute hit for Christmas 2018: mint green in combination with anthracite and silver.

The simple balls in mint green and anthracite look very good with chrome or silver accessories. Also fake fur and feathers, as well as more modern shapes, such as hearts, simple star shapes and bells fit. For modern decorations, house and village silhouettes combined with lanterns in the background – so that the windows and door cutouts of the silhouettes are lit – are a clear trend for Christmas 2018.

Color Trends for Christmas 2018: Modern Mint

When decorating the tree, the motto is: decorate in moderation – not in bulk and not too many different elements. Even candles in house form are a way to recreate the current silhouettes look. The great thing about mint green: it fits in perfectly with vintage too – a harmonious complement for the color trends for Christmas 2018.

Red and white is well known among the traditionalists – but there is an update this time.

This year, white increasingly disappears and the natural decorations (primarily in white) win the race. Straw wreaths and green pine wreaths are popular. As well as wreaths that are made entirely of cones, berries or natural material. The christmas tree is becoming more natural in terms of decoration as well. Red and dark green balls at the most. The rest is decorated with decent white or in silver shining cones, with cinnamon sticks, spice decorations, straw stars, felt charms and the like.

Color Trends for Christmas 2018: Classic Christmas

Regardless of the color trends for Christmas 2018 – what are the decoration trends?

Use round bells for your decoration ideas this Christmas. These can be any color, but there is a trend towards more colorful ones rather than metallic-colored variants.

As a second must-have we see cones – the winner among the decoration ideas for Christmas 2018. Either as a stand-alone deco in natural form or in porcelain or ceramic with gold or silver gloss. It looks nice when several sizes are placed in a group. Also as pendants and garlands pinecones are in high demand this year.

Next tip: Silhouettes of villages, houses as window and stand decorations, mostly made of paper, wood, cardboard or concrete. Likewise, textures on surfaces are not only trend in furniture fronts, but also in the Christmas decor: lanterns and candles with structure, or balls with trendy marble effect. Interesting too: paper ornament pendants.

The trend in decorative greenery in 2018 is with pine branches and eucalyptus branches, which partly match natural white patina perfectly to the Christmas theme. We hope you enjoy decorating and think that we’ve put together some very nice trends for Christmas 2018 again.

Decor Trends Christmas 2018


Are you curious what the trends for Christmas 2019 could be?

As an outlook for Christmas 2019, we dare to say that the furnishing trend “Art Déco” will also be reflected in the seasonal decorations. This style has been very popular this year (furniture and accessories in the style of the 20s). We look forward to strong royal to dark blue, emerald or dark green, as well as classic dark red or bordeaux-colored accents. Velvety opulence, quality materials and lush gold are, in a nutshell, the keywords for Art Déco and especially for Christmas 2019, this could be a decoration trend.

The Belgian company Judeco was our showcase example of fine-tuned interior at the Maison & Objet 2018 in Paris. (Source:

Also the current fashion trend anthracite and mango-yellow could be a secret tip with Christmas decorations in 2019. This color combination is predestined for modern decorations. Matching this, silver or black iron-colored accents are a must. The balance is created by soft materials such as fake fur or velvet.

One of the trends for Christmas 2019? The current fashion trend anthracite and mango-yellow is in Christmas decoration for 2019 perhaps also a secret.

We hope you like our article on decoration tips and color trends for Christmas 2018. If you are generally interested in interior color trends, we can recommend our current e-book “Interior Trends 2019“. You are also welcome to contact us via the contact form or subscribe to our newsletter for future information.

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