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Designer Sofa by Bretz: Upholstery designed with Free Spirit

Designer Sofa by Bretz: Upholstery designed with Free Spirit

A designer sofa by Bretz is not easily forgotten. We still remember our first visit to the Bretz booth at Imm Cologne 2017. We already knew the company from the press and from various trade fairs – but we did not have the opportunity to deal with the label in detail. Finally in 2017 we wanted to make up for the missed time and planned more time for it.

I fell backwards into “Matilda”, an expansive sofa creation by Carolin Kutzera.

What can I say, I could have stayed – all day long. Now it may be argued that fair days are exhausting anyway and it is perfectly clear that any seating would be pleasant. This couch, however, almost took me in. Matilda invited through the large seat to immediately take off the shoes and continue to loll on it. It was the perfect blend of enveloping warmth, comfort and quality workmanship.

The “Matilda” designer sofa by Bretz convinces not only with its expansive shape, but also with its modular structure, which makes a very individual composition possible. The backrests, the body and the feet are freely selectable.

Bretz furniture has been captivating us for several years with its unconventional shapes and colors.

The company was founded in 1895 in Gensingen near Bingen at the Rhine, Germany by Johann Bretz. As the sixth child of his family, he first completed an apprenticeship as a plumber. After years of traveling as such, he decided to enter a completely new territory and start producing mattresses. An exceptionally brave decision, but it paid off. When the company was completely destroyed during World War II, it was his son Alexander who completely rebuilt the factory and expanded the range to upholstery.

Thanks to the support of the family and his ambition and visionary courage Bretz managed to build on old successes again. Alexander’s son Karl-Fritz was the one who took the reins in the difficult years of the economic crisis in the 80s and restructured the company with five former employees. It was his express wish that his sons should also help shape and run the family business.

But at that time they were busy elsewhere. Both studied business administration and only in the early 90s they agreed to enter the family business on the condition that the father gave up smoking. However, Hartmut and Norbert Bretz quickly realized that they could not do much with their father’s designs. They designed their own collection.

The Bretz team. Among others, front left Norbert Bretz, behind Karl-Fritz Bretz and right behind Hartmut Bretz.

Distinct, unconventional and colorful – these buzz words are still associated today with a designer sofa by Bretz.

Thanks to their in-depth study, they also quickly realized that a sophisticated and thought-out marketing strategy has a significant impact on a company’s success. Their advertising stood out, as did the shapes and colors of cheeky sofa and bed creations. Due to its long-standing tradition, Bretz can rely on a very good stationary sales network, but also sells very successfully in 17 of its own flagship stores in Germany and more than 30 countries worldwide. For more than eleven years, Bretz has also had its own online shop at the start, which probably made it one of the first in the industry which dealt with this issue intensively and successfully.

For years, it has not been only the designs of the Bretz brothers, but also designs by young talents like Carolin Kutzera, which enrich the range. Young designers brings new aspects, new visions and energies into the designs.

The hierarchy in the company is very flat, if you have a good idea you get a chance.
Carolin KutzeraCreative Director at Bretz
And so the creative team, which currently consists of interior designer Pauline Junglas, product designer Dagmar Marsetz and creative director Carolin Kutzera, designs furniture with character.

In 2017, the upholstery series “Croissant” and “Filousof” entered the range.

“Croissant” almost looks like a sculpture and combines nostalgic memories with modern seating comfort. The entire design captivates with a very light look and elements of Art Deco. Integrated kidney supports, Bonell suspension and premium foams ensure comfortable sitting and relaxing. Another advantage is the variability of the series: from a solitary chair up to four seats, everything is possible and even a corner solution is no problem.

The new “Croissant” series was designed by Pauline Junglas and will be exhibited at Imm Cologne 2018.

Bretz has always worked with noble and high-quality fabrics and also multicolor within the pieces is of course feasible. Very noble looks the “marble effect” in combination with same-colored plain fabric, e.g. in velvet look. But even retro or opulent floral patterns are available depending on the customer. At the Iconic Awards 2018, Bretz’s designer sofa emerged as the winner in the “Innovative Interior” category.

The “Filousof” designer sofa by Bretz is completely different and yet fits wonderfully in the range.

It appeals to trend-conscious customers with a modern interior design style. Space at home is an absolute must for “Filousof”, because the seat depths of 100-150 cm also want to be presented. The series can be set up freely in the room and is 100% customizable. There are five different foot designs available, and then the seat height varies accordingly.

Seat cushions and armrests quilted by hand and expansive seat depths of 100 cm or 150 cm. The Big Sofa “Filousof” designed by Dagmar Marsetz leaves nothing to be desired. From single sofa to living area, U-shape or with a stool – everything is possible.

According to the advertising of Bretz something for “free spirits” and that fits very well: more flexible and individual is almost impossible. Back, cushions, seat, body – who wants can outfit each segment in a different color or a different pattern. A matching stool is also available in this series as a design and extension element.

We’re curious to meet the furniture manufacturer at the next Imm Cologne and to learn even more about the individual series and future models sitting on a designer sofa by Bretz. For anyone looking for expansive, extremely comfortable and high quality furniture, this is the place to go. Funny and cheeky and still comfortable? No problem with Bretz!

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