Fascination Glass Lighting: Interior Trend 2018/2019

Our recent experience at the Imm Cologne fair has clearly indicated the increasing fascination for glass and its versatility.

The designers are once again discovering traditional processing methods in glass production. For example it was about how unpolished glass can interact with modern shapes. There were designs that consciously focused on a combination of different materials such as glass and stone, or glass and wood. Or even those who dealt with glass in its nature and its peculiarities such as Pulpo with the “Crystal Collection” at Imm Cologne 2018. Whether with intentional air pockets, coloring in discreet pastel shades or smoky gray-black, the metallisation of glass objects was also an issue. At Light + Building 2018, many examples for original glass lighting were exhibited. We would like to introduce you to those exhibitors who dedicated themselves to this interior trend 2018 / 2019 and start with a quick impression video with English subtitles.

May we introduce you to the new Puro light collection by designer Lucie Koldova for Brokis.

The Czech label Brokis is already known for its interesting glass lighting. Macaron, Muffin, Balloons or Capsula were already popular novelties at the last Light + Building. At this year’s Light + Building in Germany, Brokis presented new visionary lamp designs by creative director Lucie Koldova. After the international success with the installation “Das Haus 2018” at Imm Cologne, the premium brand extended its portfolio of hand-blown glass lamps with three new models – the Puro collection. Puro Single, Puro Segments and Puro Sparkle.

“When I outlined the new Puro concepts, I wanted to express the versatility of this light, which consists of luminous tubes, as well as its appeal through the combination of reduced design and opulent effect,” says Lucie Koldova about the visions behind the new lamps. The dimension and versatility of the Puro luminaires collection may be a reason for their use by both interior designers and architects, with a completely different impression depending on the constellation of the lamps: a single sparkle still looks like a sun, but several like stars.

Gabriele and Oscar Buratti presented their impressive collection “Equatore” at FontanaArte.

Where in traditional floor lamps the light source is housed in the diffuser, the diffuser is paradoxically empty in this light family. The light is being generated by two luminous discs placed inside a central metal band, visible on the shade that evokes the line of the equator. Thanks to layered screens, the LED light spreads evenly on the glass surfaces and magically illuminates them.

An interesting choice for glass lighting is "Equatore" by the designers Gabriele and Oskar Buratti.

The lower disk directs the light output downward, the upper one illuminates the glass cap for a soft, diffused light. The lamp is available in two colors: a cooler version in gray with a dark chrome frame, and a warmer version with a transparent pink cap and a copper-colored frame.

A design with the mix of marble and glass was presented at the VISO booth at Light + Building.

“Wandering Star” is a simple pendant lamp, which consists of a fist-sized ball, which is divided horizontally in the middle. Above a massive marble hemisphere and below a glass hemisphere with a lens, which diffuses the LED light. Designer of this elegant lamp is Filipe Lisboa, who is chief designer and managing director of VISO. And as we learned a few days ago, the Wandering Star has also won the Red Dot Design Award 2018.

Also “Maggie” is a combination of materials: this time it’s a metal case in different looks, such as gold or copper finish, with a little glass ball underneath as the light source. The highlight of the lamp, however, is the magnetic holder, with which the light can be individually aligned. This design comes from the VISO design studio and is also available in different versions. Since VISO has a large high-class customer base, customer-specific wishes in terms of finishes or sizes are usually no problem.

Hind Rabii devoted itself to this interior trend 2018 / 2019 with several lighting designs.

One of their latest designs they showed at the lighting fair is called “Belle d`i the great”. An elegant cup-shaped pendant light, made of clear glass and in the middle separated horizontally by a golden disc with decorative holes.

Glass lighting at Hind Rabii. In the foreground the light design "Belle d`i the great" as a novelty at Light + Building 2018.

Glass lighting at Hind Rabii. In the foreground the light design “Belle d`i the great” as a novelty at Light + Building 2018.

Two versions with large globe bulbs, one up and one down, shape the lamp. The table and pendant lamps of the series “Ice” from the year 2015, were already lights made of glass and wood with a metal base. Founded in 1997 in Belgium, the company takes its name from native Moroccan and founder Hind Rabii, who runs it together with her husband Michael Orban.

Also the "Ice" lamp by the Belgian label Hind Rabii is characterized by qualitative glass design.

Since then, Hind Rabii designs world-class collections with clean lines, original colors and materials. The main feature is the variety of materials and the elegance of the details. The glass in her new collection comes from Murano, where glass has been traditionally blown for generations.

The young label Dechem from the Czech Republic also relies on the centuries-old tradition of glass blowing in the former Bohemia.

The founders Michaela Tomišková and Jakub Jandourek met in the Novy Bor School, the famous Czech glassmaking college. Both then founded in 2012 their own design studio Dechem in the capital Prague.

The team from the start-up company Dechem at their booth at the Light + Building 2018 with their fascinating glass lighting - the interior trend 2018 / 2019. (Source: dechemstudio.com)

The team from the Czech start-up company Dechem at their booth at Light + Building 2018.

The studio develops different products, especially objects made of Czech glass. Their craftsmanship makes it possible to try out new forms, including vases but also glass lighting. Their collection “For you from Czechoslowakia” at Light + Building 2018 pays homage to Czechoslovakian architecture of the 20th century and emphasizes its importance in the global context.

Eclipse, Tetris, Magion and Sphaerae are the names of the four designs shown in hall 5.1. Whereby Tetris stands out with its very idiosyncratic cubic form. Magion, on the other hand, has a distinct retro character – not least due to the unique coloring.

Glass lighting was not only an issue for large companies, but also for full-range producers and smaller light manufacturers.

Although it’s not necessarily glass from European factories and the lamps are often smaller for logistical and technical reasons, there were also many, some funny and fascinating models presented. Need other examples? Ideal Lux with its witty bottles and vase-shaped glass lights in hall 6.1 or Eglo with organic light forms in earthy pastels or with metallised surfaces.

At Mantra in hall 6, we also discovered glass lighting, metallized in the colors gold, chrome-black and copper. These were noticeable to us through their simple voluminous vase shape. Mantra designs are largely by Spanish designers. Their philosophy puts importance to the quality of the products, a good lighting effect and this at affordable prices.

In general, we see the interior trend 2018 / 2019 rather in a sense that glass finds its way into lamps in its original form, namely as vases, organic spherical shapes or large geometric forms.

The colors remain discreet: clear to pastel or smoky nuances. We’ve also noticed that glass is often combined with shiny metals such as gold brass, chrome black or copper, or even with natural materials such as marble, wood or natural fiber ropes. Also, the tendency to the imperfect glass body with intentional air pockets are part of this interior trend 2018 / 2019. Dull white glasses or smaller filigree glasses, however, are currently less present in the current designs.

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