Garden and Outdoor Furniture Trends 2021

In today’s article, we’ll be covering the garden, and outdoor furniture trends 2021. We are particularly interested in the furniture and textile trends. We will take a closer look at some of the renowned manufacturers from Europe. Also, Houe from Denmark has a typical Scandinavian influence in design, the German brand Dedon, whose craft is wicker furniture. Then we dedicate ourselves to the two Spanish labels Kettal and Gan, who have practically anchored outdoor life in their DNA.

We start with Gan or Gan Rugs. Because carpets in the outdoor area have only been in architects and interior decorators’ focus for a few years. Especially in these times when we’re forced to stay at home for months due to a pandemic, setting the scene for your own terrace, garden or balcony is on the to-do list of many customers. The much-touted “outdoor living room” is one of the outdoor furniture trends 2021. And that includes carpets.

We look at the outdoor furniture trends 2021 and present the new products from the brands Houe, Dedon, Kettal, and Gan.

The Spanish group Gan Group emerged from a furniture company, the Gandia Blasco label, which is still part of today’s group. The Diabla brand also belongs to the group and produces original, carefree garden furniture and accessories adapted to new lifestyles outdoors. The third label in the company is Gan Rugs, created in the late 1980s. José Gandía-Blasco, President of the Gandia Blasco label, reinvented part of the company after four decades of furniture production. He started developing new textiles for the home, with a strong focus on design. Carpets became the main product of the new Gan Rugs brand.

Under Mapi Millet’s leadership, Gan Rugs has since developed into one of the group’s main pillars. All products are made in India by skilled artisans using natural or recycled fibers. All common handicraft techniques are in Gan Rugs’ product portfolio: weaving, felting, embroidery, knitting, and knotting. Unique pieces and high-quality carpets for indoors and outdoors are created. Together with well-known designers such as Sebastian Herkner, Patricia Urquiola, Charlotte Lancelot, Flavia Del Pra, MUT Design, Nendo or Neri & Hu, many others, Gan Rugs creates unique design pieces and highlights of the carpet industry every year.

The "Garden Layers" collection from Gan-Rugs is available in the inviting terracottas, grays, blues, and greens. The much-touted "outdoor living room" is one of the outdoor furniture trends for 2021. (Source:

The “Garden Layers” collection from Gan-Rugs is available in the inviting terracottas, grays, blues, and greens. The much-touted “outdoor living room” is one of the outdoor furniture trends for 2021.

Anyone who likes outdoor carpets and a little exotic flair will definitely appreciate the outdoor textiles by Patricia Urquiola. In 2017 she designed the first outdoor carpets for Gan Rugs. This year the “Garden Layers” collection is being updated and is now made from recycled PET. With a pronounced oriental influence, the collection invites you to relax between soft and warm elements inspired by Indian Mughal architecture. For us, one of the outdoor furniture trends 2021: exotic flair with carpets and pillows in your own garden.

Sebastian Herkner designed the “Isla” furniture series for Gan. It is a versatile and attractive outdoor collection. Modularity and volume are two of the defining features of outdoor sofas. The three modules can be used independently of each other or in combination to generate several constellations, which can be placed flexibly and, in combination with the tables and cushions, always create a new picture.

"Menorca", "Gomera" and "Arosa" are the names of the three Isla modules. They are offered in seven color combinations: coral, sand, shell, blue, green, silver, and garnet. (Source:

“Menorca”, “Gomera” and “Arosa” are the names of the three Isla modules. They are offered in seven color combinations: coral, sand, shell, blue, green, silver, and garnet.

While we’re writing about furniture, you should also look at the Gan table series designed by Nendo. The work of the Japanese designer Oki Sato, founder of Nendo Studio, consists of elegant and filigree stools and auxiliary tables, made with an Indian handicraft technique in which wires are woven around a metal frame.

Their filigree look goes particularly well on smaller areas, and when combined with several models, they look elegant. The Aram series is made of thermo-lacquered stainless steel and can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors. Our second outdoor furniture trend 2021: modularity of furniture like Sebastian Herkner’s “Isla” or the flexibility of furniture like the light tables of the “Aram” series by Nendo.

The German manufacturer Dedon has four new collections. It began 30 years ago with the development of a revolutionary fiber. Driven by a passion for good design, Dedon looked for weavers who were masters of their trade to process this fiber into the most luxurious outdoor designs in the world. The Dedon fiber sets the standard for durability, weather resistance, colorfastness, and a luxurious feel and appearance. The 100% recyclable fiber is produced exclusively in Dedon’s state-of-the-art production facility in Germany, but it is processed on the Philippine island of Cebu. The craftsmanship of the traditionally local weavers creates outdoor furniture in a class of its own. The entire production chain on Cebu is subject to a zero-waste production philosophy.

Designer Jean-Marie Massaud created the new “Sealine” collection. Sailing served as inspiration. Sealine is therefore not only available in the braided look typical of Dedon but also in a variant with maritime rope. It is a luxurious lounge system of timeless and relaxed elegance in the highest quality materials. With its handcrafted teak frame and cozy, weatherproof upholstery, the series blends in harmoniously with every season and every latitude.

With "Sealine," Jean-Marie Massaud designed a luxurious lounge system of timeless and relaxed elegance in high-quality materials. (Source:

“Sealine” is just as at home on the terrace of an African lodge as it is on the deck of a yacht in the Scandinavian fjords or: Sealine is a compact and flexible lounge system consisting of two and three-seater sofa modules, daybed modules, and teak coffee tables with stone or marble tabletops and a teak bench.

Another interesting living concept for the outdoors is the “Mbarq” sofa collection – again from Sebastian Herkner, who is currently very creative. Mbarq’s deep seats and high backrests offer not only comfort but also privacy. The modular and collection gives structure to open outdoor spaces and defines areas in which one can relax and chat and work with concentration. Perfect for this time in which we have to get used to having to / be allowed to work from home from time to time.

When asked how he would describe his collection, Herkner replied: “I see Mbarq as a place of retreat as well as a meeting place and workplace. Two sofas facing each other create open space – in the middle of nature.”

Inspired by the shape of historical alcoves, Sebastian Herkner brought the idea of a retreat into the outdoor area with "Mbarq." (Source:

Mbarq is characterized by deep seats and a selection of organically shaped backrests in different heights. A slightly transparent, three-axis mesh made of Dedon fiber forms a basket nest that offers security in combination with cozy cushions.

Now let’s focus on the Scandinavian innovations for the outdoor season 2021: Houe is a Danish design house founded in 2007. Houe combines Nordic flair with design. The company has high expectations for care, quality, and innovation in its designs. “Affordable Luxury” is one of Houe’s guiding principles. As in many other furniture segments, the outdoor furniture trends 2021 also include responsible furniture – both in social and ecological terms.

The label Houe has internalized the outdoor furniture trends 2021 with its designs. (Source:

The new lounge collection “Avon” works with recycled fabrics. The new indoor chair Falk is largely made from recycled plastic waste. “ReCLIPS” is an outdoor dining chair. With wide plastic slats on a powder-coated aluminum frame, it is robust and light at the same time. The slats are made in Denmark from Danish plastic waste.

The “ReCLIPS” chairs are stackable and available in four mono colors – perfect for cafes and restaurants with outdoor areas. It looks modern and is still soft in the back, thanks to its slats.

ReCLIPS comes in black, dark gray, olive green and sky blue and will be available from spring 2021. (Source:

ReCLIPS comes in black, dark gray, olive green, and sky blue and will be available from spring 2021.

The new lounge collection “Avon” consists of five modules and is almost as flexible as a living room set. The frame is made of powder-coated black steel, and yet the construction looks light and offers a high level of comfort. The design always looks classy. Both with and without a pillow, which is probably one of the biggest pluses of “Avon”. The basic structures can easily overwinter outside without looking empty or defective. All that has to be found is winter quarters for the pillows. Especially for houses, city hotels, or apartments with little storage space, design requirements should be interesting.

The pillows for "Avon" are available in two colors - alpine green and ash. (Source:

The pillows for “Avon” are available in two colors – alpine green and ash.

“Circum” is a café table that was relaunched in 2021, also in powder-coated black aluminum and a bamboo version. It goes perfectly with the ReClips chairs and the Pavon chairs, whose filigree look is sure to find many fans. It looks nostalgic and modern at the same time.

"Click" is Houe's best-selling outdoor collection, consisting of chairs, sun loungers, rocking chairs and lounge chairs. (Source:

“Click” is Houe’s best-selling outdoor collection consisting of chairs, sun loungers, rocking chairs, and lounge chairs. The materials bamboo, aluminum, and plastic slats of the furniture are carefully put together and can easily be used without cushions. Funny gadget: the slats can be set individually by the customer, creating a new play of colors for the slats.

Now back to Spain. The furniture manufacturer Kettal has been regularly presenting innovative and design-oriented furniture, especially for outdoor use, since its beginnings in 1966. They also work with internationally renowned designers, including Patricia Urquiola, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Rodolfo Dordoni, Doshi Levien, Emiliana Design Studio, etc.

The family business has been based in Europe since it was founded. All products are currently designed and manufactured in the company’s own factory, which is located in a small coastal town not far from Barcelona. The proximity of the factory makes it possible to keep the quality standards high and individualize each product according to the customer’s requirements and thus to design each piece of furniture unique and exclusive – one of the strengths of Kettal. Another is the unbelievable variety of fabrics and textiles with which the collections can be designed individually depending on the area and the customer’s preference. Kettal is known beyond Spain’s borders for its noble pavilions and low-maintenance, design-oriented furniture for hospitality projects.

But what we’re going to look at today is the new “Dots” LED lamp series. It is made of aluminum and is available in two versions: a floor lamp with a circular base and a garden lamp with a foot inserted into the ground. It looks inconspicuous and simple, and yet the design is a highlight. Another lamp collection is Half Dome, which gives off the impression of a living room lamp. It is also available with a raised foot that can also be used as a small storage area. Especially in outdoor areas, there are only a few lighting concepts that can create an authentic living room ambiance. The height-adjustable and swiveling umbrellas and the waterproof footswitches are the technical finesse of the collections. The 30 aluminum colors to choose from make it clear that Kettal is committed to customization.

That’s it with our examples of the outdoor furniture trends 2021.

This year it is important to make your home as beautiful as possible – inside and out. Even if cafes, hotels, and restaurants are probably less willing to invest at the moment given the uncertain situation, now would be a good time to prepare for the time after the pandemic. Private houses, apartments, residential complexes, and park designers are also in the focus of architects and interior designers this season. This article shows that there is practically nothing that cannot be brought outside: carpets, furniture, light. Let yourself be inspired and create new outdoor spaces for maximum convenience, design, and perfectly staged. A plus point of many manufacturers is certainly the sustainability aspect, which can convince the customer of a concept.

What do you think makes an oasis of well-being outdoors? Which furniture or decorations make an outdoor life a highlight for you? Please write us. We look forward to your comments.


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