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There are designers who it can be difficult to categorize. Designers who focus exclusively on the lamp, or who are only producing in the home decor or lighting segment. Hind Rabii unites everything in one company. They design neither modern, or just for the sake of the lamp, it does not design exclusively for a style of living or only with certain materials. No, the Belgian design label manages to take a completely new and sometimes unconventional direction with each of its lighting series. That’s what prompted us to dedicate a profile to Hind Rabii and the extraordinary lamps she showed on many interior fairs.

For more than 20 years Hind Rabii has been creating designs combining creativity and clear forms.

Initially inspired by Scandinavian design, the designer and founder Hind Rabii created lamps with a very special character. Among other things, this may be because Hind Rabii, who was born in Morocco in 1973, uses impressions, forms and patterns from her homeland to create new incomparable design compositions.

For more than 20 years Hind Rabii has been producing collections that combine creativity and clear forms. (Source: hindrabii.net)

In 1997, Hind Rabii founded her label and has since led it with her husband Michael Orban in Belgium. After studying industrial engineering in Belgium, her passion for art and fashion finally brought her into contact with the areas of architecture and design. Eventually she sticked to decorative lighting which started her career. As part of a brief interview, we wanted to know from Hind Rabii, where she feels at home. And she gave us a typical answer for people of that time: “My country is Belgium, I love this little country, there is a lot of creativity here and very open-minded people, I was born in Morocco, my heart is there too. It inspired me, as well as several trips around the world.”

For Hind Rabii, good design is always characterized by noble material.

As mentioned earlier, one of the secrets of Hind Rabii design is the variety of materials the company works with. Be it ceramic, glass, metal or wood – designs are constantly being created whose focus is not only on the shape of the lamp, but also on the overall-appearance of the object, as well as light and shadow effects it creates.

Hind Rabii at Imm Cologne 2018

A look at the impressive presentation of the Belgian company at Imm Cologne 2018 fair showing the very latest products.

Their glass lamps are usually made of Murano glass and the ceramics comes from traditional Venetian plants. The good craftsmanship of the imaginative creations gives each design a very special touch and value. Through persistence and authenticity of their designs, Hind Rabii only manufactures what corresponds to the philosophy and doesn’t get bogged down in the industrial machinery or diversification mania of other manufacturers.

I think that the quality of a product can be summed up in three points: the choice of material, the craftmanship and the trained eye of the worker. The craftsman will ensure that the material is processed in the most beautiful way.
Hind RabiiDesigner & Founder

Let us now take a look at the most beautiful lighting designs by Hind Rabii.

Esprit Ya-Ya

In 2017, Hind Rabii designed the lamp “Esprit Ya-Ya”. It is a lamp that has been designed in various forms free of the limiting principles of current light fashion. The apparently deliberately unconventional random shape of the metal frame provides a surface for pretty plays of light.

Lamp "Esprit Ya-Ya" by Hind Rabii
Especially on the black-chrome or gold surface, this creates interesting effects on surrounding walls and objects. With four available shapes and sizes, as well as three colors, the customer can assemble his lamp individually. In the game with wind and heat, the pendants move easily and appear in always different optics. They can represent “everything” or “nothing”.

Wall lamp "Ya-Ya"

Also the wall lamp which bears the name “Ya-Ya” and deliberately combines different material colors, is an interesting design which decoratively sets the scene with its indirect light.

Belle dí the great

The inspiration for this lamp was the characteristic shape of the traditional Beldi glass from Morocco for tea. The simple clear line of the pendant lamp surprises with a horizontal relief of metal in the middle.

Two light sources up and down create a soft, circulating light through the clear hand-blown glass. The filigree suspension also creates the effect of a floating light.

Ice Collection

With “Ice Absolut” in 2015, Hind Rabii created a very beautiful pendant lamp design in our opinion. The again very simple form, reminiscent of Belgian chocolates, is set by a frame of gold, copper or silver.

The table lamps “Ice Devotion” also have an effect solely due to their glass form. Here the foot was designed with wood. Over time, colored pendant lamps with a similar metal shape were added, adjustable in angle or as a floor lamp and with LED. The result is a collection that has a model for every taste, situation and technical preference.

The novelties T-Cotta and Meridiana

The latest designs from the label Hind Rabii are “T-Cotta” and “Meridiana”. Both were nominated for the German Design Award 2019. The inspiration for the designs this time was the Chiaramonte Marin Studio. The material used is ceramics and glass. According to Hind Rabii, the design was born out of a desire to create a flowing, curved shape that combines two materials, both of which were created by heat from the earth through man.

Lamp T-Cotta

The T-Cotta lighting design by Hind Rabii is especially popular with restaurants and hotels and impresses with its traditional forms.

It fits into both Nordic-inspired living styles and the newer home trends of Wabi-Sabi or Lagom. The T-Cotta collection is available in four different shapes and as a wall lamp.

An experiment of a completely different kind, on the other hand, is “Meridiana”. Again, it was the team of Chiaramonte Marin Studio that created this design for Hind Rabii. Even just the size of the pendant lamp is overwhelming, as it almost seems to float in the room with the filigree suspension that was integrated. Although it looks like a sundial with the pointer-like plate underneath, it’s the other way around. The light source on the “pointer plate” was turned up to illuminate the white surface of the Meridiana. This creates a harmonious indirect light.

The stepped plate is available in a wood and white marble finish and not only contrasts nicely with the overlying plain and matte finish. The contrast round and square makes the Hind Rabii design so interesting.

Material, shape and effect are the keywords that make up Hind Rabii designs.

The company values quality, craftsmanship and effects that can be achieved with light. The lamps by Hind Rabii can be found not only in renowned light houses. Also architects and planners like to use the simple, unobtrusive but still presence-generating designs. Especially in stores, hotels and restaurants, the models harmoniously blend into the overall picture.

How do you like the lighting design by Hind Rabii and which lamp appeals to you the most? Please also read our article on the trend theme “Fascination Glass Lighting” which we wrote about at Light + Building 2018.

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