Interior Guide – Guide to lighting and furnishing planning

We’ve made it our mission to make lighting and interior understandable with a number of articles in our Interior Guide. Here you will find out how a dimmer works, what makes a vintage furniture style and how to buy the right lamp for your home. This is a living document that will be updated as laws and technology can quickly change.

Topics of the Interior Guide

The main focus of the Interior Guide is on lighting and lighting planning. While the right light in the apartment is important, the extensive research of the topic has resulted in more articles dealing with furnishing planning as well. Here we take a look at the different furniture styles and how you make rooms appear larger with careful planning. With the simple navigation on the desktop PC and mobile devices we have subdivided these areas in the menu.

Suggestions for improvement and feedback

You would like to point out a necessary change in an article or just send a proposal for a new topic? Please contact us using the contact form or help us with the feedback window at the end of each entry in the Interior Guide. We’re happy about any help!

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