checklist for buying a lamp
Before you buy a lamp you should ask yourself a few important questions.

If you’ve already mastered all our articles and know which kind of lamp you’re looking for, you can almost head to the furniture store or do the online purchase. With this 7-point checklist for buying a lamp we’re helping you consider the last things to choose the right lamp for your home.

7-point checklist for buying a lamp

1 – Where to put it

For which room are you choosing a lamp?

2 – What do you want to illuminate

Is it meant to light up the room or just a secondary lighting? (If you’re looking for indirect light you can simply skip the other ones)

3 – Power connections

Are the technical requirements given? Where should the lamp go and where is the power connection? Also check if there are any wall sockets in the vicinity of the lamp.

4 – The height / size is important

How large is the space for the primary lighting (height, m²) or how much space is there for the planned secondary lighting (table or floor lamp, wall lamps, stripes etc.)

5 – The light intensity

Is it a rather bright or dark room (dark wallpaper, wall color and furniture can also incredibly influence the required light) – so rather calculate with more watts!

6 – A question of style

What style do you have?

A) rather plain classic
B) classic but with some uniqueness
C) young and trendy
D) modern and extravagant

7 – The size of the purse

What’s your budget?

A) 5-50 Euro
B) 50-200 Euro
C) 200-400 Euro
D) above 400 Euro

Work through your checklist and if necessary make sketches or photos from room. Then conduct some online research what appeals to you and possibly seek out 1-2 furniture stores and look around. The sketches and photos help the staff to be able to get a better idea of what could fit in the room. Because a lamp often sticks for many years, you should take extra time for your purchase. It’s better than being upset that it is not bright enough, not big enough or not stylish enough.

In our Journal you will find interesting articles about well-known and new designers in the lighting industry. These may help you find the right design. Our own lamp Kahala is also an alternative for all who want to be modern and yet unique. It is available in Germany and in the UK on Houzz.

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