The Scandinavian furniture style has been trending everywhere since the year 2012. It is one of the most popular furniture styles. (Source:
What makes the Scandinavian furniture style so popular and how it developed.

Originating in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, the Scandinavian furniture style has become a very popular style in today’s apartments. The soft colors of the furniture calm and create warmth in the interior.

Origin and development

The Scandinavian furniture style is characterized by the seasons in the north, where the days in winter are very short. This results in the need to create warmth and comfort in this wintry environment. Wood plays a significant role in Scandinavian style. It is used for floors, walls, furniture, lighting and accessories. But also natural fabrics create a feel-good atmosphere with their light shades in the Skandi style.

Key characteristics of the style

The style uses light wood such as birch, spruce or pine. The reason why it developed this way is just because the Scandinavian winters are long and dark. Through bright friendly colors and light, this style creates a lot of warmth. It convinces with its simplicity and the friendly mostly pastel colors.

Scandinavian furniture style is dominated by natural wooden surfaces, which have functional geometrical basic shapes. It doesn’t have unnecessary details which is similar to the Bauhaus style. The natural resources of the north are used in furniture processing. Since the days in the north are much shorter, it is understandable that light optics are used in the interior. Fabrics often have fur optics, cotton, linen and bright suede. Colors are mostly wool-white or beige mixed with another pastel color like light blue, mint or rosé.

The color palette of the Scandinavian furniture style in the years 2012 - 2016.

The original colors of the Scandinavian furniture style are very much muted, while these days the colors become more powerful. We were especially able to see this at interior trade fairs such as the Tendence 2017 and Imm Cologne 2017.

The Scandinavian furniture style and its development to stronger colors in 2017.

Light plays an important role in the Skandi style. Simple silver candlesticks are therefore just as important as several light sources spread throughout the room – the Swedish stove does not have its name for nothing, it also belongs to the Scandinavian style. Cushions and carpets often have typical motifs from the north or graphical patterns in contrasting colors such as black-white or green-white.

Well-known companies that have devoted themselves to Scandinavian furniture design are, for example, Hübsch Interior and Temahome. For Nordic lighting Showroom Finland or Tom Rossau comes to mind.

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