Our Forecast for the Interior Color Trends 2018
Every year, renowned companies create comprehensive color reports or promote trend colors.

In this article, we want to analyze which of the colors might prevail as interior color trends 2018. In our article about the Christmas trend colors we already referred to the pallets of Pantone. But which of these interior color trends will be trending in 2018 and which ones will certainly continue to establish themselves? Which companies in the interior industry have which color favorites this year and what colors will continue to stay in home textiles, wall paints and home accessories in 2018? We get to the bottom of these questions here.

Magazine “Schöner Wohnen” placed six “Limited Collection” trend colors this year.

Among the trend colors is a very dark blue “Grape” and each a further tone of the other primary colors an “India” yellow and “saffron” red orange, which are also found with Pantone in similar form. The wall paint manufacturer Sikkens also presents an annual color palette of new wall paints. Its color of the year 2017 is a blue shade. With “Denim Drift” Sikkens advertises for more courage in wall paints this year. If one trusts in the shoe industry, then muted reds, bordeaux, a dark navy blue and shades of gray win the race.

The "Limited Collection 2017" color palette by the magazine "Schöner Wohnen" helped us to find the possible interior color trends for 2018.

Pantone released new fashion palettes for New York and London this autumn.

Both have many earthy, muted and natural nuances. It is clear what is considered a trend in fashion, does not automatically prevail in the same way as an interior trend. Nevertheless, parallels can be drawn and forecasts derived from them. For furniture upholstery fabrics, the blue tones from “Blue Bell” to “Navy Peony” to “Marina” are particularly interesting. The latter, due to its slightly fresher character also for spring / summer 2018.

Pantone's fashion trend colors fall 2017

The nude shades and the green shades from the Pantone palettes have been around for quite some time in home textiles in similar colors. These too will stay in the interior for 2018.

New in the Pantone color palette are yellow and yellow-green adaptions.

With names like “Lemon Curry”, “Golden Lime” and “Golden Olive” Pantone makes these colors fashionable. For home textiles, such as upholstery, curtains, cushions and carpets, as well as wall paints, this could be a highlight among the interior color trends 2018. The earthy nuances give the designed ambience a very homely touch. Especially in combination with dark blue, white or gray, the muted yellow tones are exciting.

The new yellow and yellow-green shades in the fashion trend colors of Pantone, are among our interior color trends 2018.

Shades of brown and black are good partners for yellow-green colors, as they are also classic in retro application. My own living room has been set for Lemon Curry since this spring, and with this trend, I’m sure I’ll soon find the right curtains! My Christmas decoration will also be a yellow-gray-white color combination this year.

In our Christmas article we had the focus on another color that could set new accents in the interior: under “Tawny Port” Pantone marketed a dark bordeaux color. The name is program. Tawny Port is a Port wine, often touted in this harmonious way: “rich bouquet of blackberries, cassis, black cherry, sweet cherry and plum with spicy notes of cinnamon and cedar.” That describes the mix of color quite well. This looks very classy in fashion with dark brown or gray tones or as in the decoration with silver and rose.

Color influences by fashion trend colors on the interior color trends 2018

The red, orange and purple colors are more likely to stay in the fashion industry. Whereby one is often more courageous in bathrooms, and we can imagine that the red-based tones “Grenadine” and “Flame Scarlet” are used as textiles in bathrooms. This fits in with the Far Eastern teaching “Feng Shui”, in which rooms are “neutralized” with flowing water by red shades.

All in all, it’s fair to say that the nuances that are largely reminiscent of spice rack colors will make it to the home textile and furniture industry this fall.

Natural leather in its many facets is certainly a popular material. The accent colors in blue and blue-green, such as “Shaded Spruce” will certainly last until 2018 and continue to establish itself in the home textiles and furniture sectors. Depending on furniture or furnishing style in one or the other constellation. The dark Shaded Spruce might find favor in the newly discovered maritime style as well as in the retro up to classic James Bond decor of the 60s.

The yellow-green shades are interesting for retro and for modern apartments as well as industrial ones, because they contrast very well with black, complement the base material wood in the retro and give a thrilling trio of gray accents and white furniture in modern styles. As mentioned above, Tawny Port also complements rosé and gray in a modern ambience which could also fit in cleverly staged in vintage style.

It remains unclear what new nuances and materials will be added in 2018 – traditionally, the colors for spring are always a bit lighter and friendlier.

This means that some of the colors presented in the fall will probably turn into lighter nuances. Some of these two featured color palettes by Pantone certainly make sense in the home textile, the accessories and furniture industry for 2018. Precisely because they are very grounded and can be easily spiced up with accent colors.

Since this article has only dealt with the interior color trends 2018, at Imm Cologne 2018 we will once more deal intensively with new production processes, new trends in surfaces and materials, as well as possibly new styles. Do you have any idea what the interior color trends 2018 will be? Tell us your experiences and forecasts!

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