Kolarz – Classic Lamps with Love for Art
The Austrian label Kolarz has been convincing with classic lamps of the upper class for decades.

Popular with architects and retailers, Kolarz is constantly bringing new, high-quality, fashionable lighting objects onto the market. Whether hand-painted, covered with gold leaf, decorated with genuine Swarowski stones or with a lighting technique that inspires. Kolarz is a supplier for fans of the classic furniture of the early 20th century, as well as for friends of luxurious lamps with a touch of art. The label stands for quality, which is convincing – production made in Europe and continuous controls in the planning and production process.

Kolarz was founded in Vienna in 1918 and today is run by the fourth generation. The creations are inspired by the tradition of European craftsmanship and the love of light. The company is currently represented with partners in some 50 countries around the world, and around 3200 renowned international department stores, such as Harrods in London and Galéries Lafayette in Paris, are home to residential lighting from Kolarz.

Kolarz offers almost everything necessary for a salonable interior design of hotels, restaurants and shops.

But the standard product portfolio for residential areas is also really nobel. The range now includes over 4,000 lamps and also custom-made products are possible for the lighting manufacturer.

The company became known not only with its rustic classic chandeliers, but also with its gypsum lights, which were simply installed during plastering and, if necessary, plastered and painted in wall paints. New at Light +Building 2016 was e.g. The lamp series “Fonte di Luce”, also a plaster module lamp which is installed in the ceiling.

A few years ago, Kolarz made headlines with the lighting series “Luna Kiss”.

Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”, the lamp series was created with the same painting techniques as Klimt. Thus, the lamp became an art object. In addition to lamps, the label also sells amphorae, vases, glass series and watches to match the lighting designs so that a harmonious living ambience can be created.

Kolarz has the ability to reinvent and interpret the classical lighting styles.

New additions from Light+Building 2016 are lamps with hand-painted glasses, Swarovski crystals and the series “Luna Primavera” with the typical Japanese cherry blossom in two color variations. For the one or the other Kolarz may be very special, but as already mentioned, the company also has quite simple classical lights. Kolarz lamps are available in the well-stocked specialist trade and furniture stores.

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