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The application possibilities of LED technology are almost limitless nowadays. If you remember our article about Henri Bursztyn and the lamps he showed at the Light+Building trade fair you know what we mean. There we also met the German lighting manufacturer LDM that inspired us with their lamps and purist design language.

LDM stands for lighting design which combines functionality with the highest material quality.

The light company was founded in 1991 in Pforzheim, Germany, where nearly all parts of the production chain are still being manufactured and quality tested. One year later the first large order with the “Arca” lamp followed suit for the CK collection by Christine Kröncke.

LDM is an example for a lighting manufacturer, that has devoted itself to quality craftsmanship from the very beginning. Further cooperations followed, such as with the fashion label MCM from Munich, or 1994 with MM Taepper Design. That’s also when the first LDM collection was presented to the public. In 1997 LDM introduced the first available ceiling rail with horizontally displaceable low-voltage halogen pendant lights at the autumn fair in Frankfurt. However, what started more than 20 years ago with the manufacture of lighting in low-voltage halogen technology has now been passed on by the development of designs with the latest LED technology.

When designing a lamp series, aesthetic, functional, economic and sustainable aspects are incorporated into the design language which have developed over many years at LDM. It is, for example, possible to dim each lamp – which is by no means to be considered as a standard and extends the possibilities for coherent light.

The technology of the WYNG lamp has already impressed us at Light+Building.

It consists of a special acrylic surface printed with a light-conducting material. The silhouette of the WYNG resembles that of a bird and is distinguished by its reduced and puristic design. In a newly developed “lightboard”, LED light is invisibly coupled in and recoupled via a precisely calculated graphical grid in the form of dots or squares. This design allows an absolutely glare-free distribution of the light which offers various advantages, especially in shop windows.

The dots or squares are still decorative and complement the futuristic design of the WYNG. With switching sides of the panel you can choose between direct and indirect light. The non-visible LED modules are located above the panel in the so-called “tubes”, which are positioned above and serve as heat sink and suspension at the same time. Since the coax cables for the suspension are transparent, the WYNG pendant lamps seem almost free-floating, just like the inspiring model of a bird.

This design is also available as a floor lamp and as a “lightboard” for ceiling mounting. The necessary parts (including a care kit) are supplied according to the application and LDM also provides an individual lighting advice.

Another novelty presented at the Light+Building was the DROP design.

The drop shape of pendant lights is not very new but if you recall the philosophy of the company, you might want take a closer look.

The DROP design by LDM. (Source: ldm.de)

The DROP pendant lamp has a matt optical lens that allows a homogeneous and shadow-free light distribution. The particularly pleasant and harmonious warm light is created by the “dimm to warm” technology (3000k> 2000k) inside this lamp. This means you can make your home cozy with the appropriate light temperature. Also a feature that not every lighting design offers and yet is essential for everyone who wants to recreate the light of the old light bulb. Also it can be controlled with Bluetooth just as the WYNG light, offering absolute user friendliness and comfort.

The light design is available as a single pendulum (Drop Uno), two-pendulum (drop duo) and each as a “flexi installation”, which makes the possibilities of placing in each apartment easy. The cables are also available in different colors.

But if we are already writing about versatile lamps, we would like to look at another LDM design which comes even closer to the term “versatile”.

The ECCOLED lamp – winner of the “Interior Innovation Award 2013”

The ECCOLED LED lamp, nominated among other things for the “German Design Award 2014″, is a modern, modular and timeless lighting system for a perfect match in the design and illumination of residential and commercial areas.

Due to its discreet design, the ECCOLED fits seamlessly into many different setup styles. With the use of the latest, highly efficient LED lamps, this beautiful lamp satisfies current and future requirements for light output on the one hand and power savings on the other. The system offers almost endless possibilities for variation and application. It is especially versatile as a table lamp with its joint at the light spot, which is rotatable 360 degrees and 90 degrees. By default for LDM, it is also dimmable and can be controlled by Bluetooth.

The light is available in many variations of LDM due to its simple design. Which means the above mentioned table variant, ceiling spots in various combinations and even the possibility of built-in lighting.

Of course the Pforzheim company offers even more lighting designs which should be definitely checked out. LDM has made a very positive impression on us. It shows that the bill between quality and extraordinary design works.

What do you think about the designs of LDM?

Perhaps you have already heard about the company or already use lamps by LDM? Write us your opinion or impressions in the comments!

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