Lighting newcomer Henri Bursztyn

Henri Bursztyn – a new, innovative label in the lighting industry.

At the Light & Building 2016, we met Henri Bursztyn. His designs and the production of the products have amazed us right away and have magically drawn us to his stand at the fair. He is a trained architect and you can really feel the joy he must have felt in designing the products. Before specializing in his own designs, he was also professionally involved in the implementation of lighting systems. 2014 came the step to the own LED lighting brand. His creations stand for calmness and harmony, and the chosen forms are used intuitively with the appropriate lighting.

The light source, the cable and the technology disappear almost invisibly in the design and this creates a unique lamp.

But by no means does the light gets lost in its function – no, instead he manages to equip the lamp with optimal light output, so that a homogeneous and meaningful light distribution results. This is probably also the secret of Henri Bursztyn’s success.

At the same time, he doesn’t forget about the possible technical finesse. His lamps are all equipped with a remote control. The light can be dimmed, switched from warm light to colder light and some can be selected individually or combined. They can also be controlled via WiFi, the tablet or the smartphone.

The combination of wood and LED in his designs and the way the light is placed, the designs create an incredibly warm atmosphere – a “home feeling”. However, Henri Bursztyn is not limited to wood as a material. The new “La Fleur” or “Les Herbs” outdoor lighting designs for example, are made of metal and imitate stylistic flowers and reed grass.

Henri Bursztyn’s designs are intended not only for objects but also for private homes. Many designs are modularly designed so that they can easily fit in size, light output and cable color.

The names of the designs are imaginative, almost spherical – they are inspired by thoughts and science fiction.

For example “Warp” refers to the Sci Fi series Star Trek or “DECCG” reproduces a sound sequence of a melody from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. The label has set itself the task of keeping an eye on the entire production chain from the origin of the materials until the finished product. By carefully selecting craftsmen, so that every piece is created with perfection and passion and the basic idea and the quality requirements of the Designer.

Made in France comes natural for Henri Bursztyn. His products are already being sold in France, Spain, the United States, Brazil, Israel and the Philippines.

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