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Luca Nichetto: Furniture Design with a Multicultural Aesthetic

Luca Nichetto: Furniture Design with a Multicultural Aesthetic

The year 2021 is off to a turbulent start. Unfortunately, other planned interior trade fairs have now been canceled or postponed, including Heimtextil 2021, which is currently planned for January 2022. Imm Cologne will not take place either – this year we would have loved to see the special exhibition “Das Haus.” It would have been the cooperation of several designers who reimagined an apartment house. Main topic: How can we live in an urban way in the future and thereby expand and develop social contacts? It would certainly have been interesting to see the ideas of the well-known designers Sebastian Herkner, the duo Truly Truly, and Luca Nichetto. All of them were already present at Imm Cologne with their own “Das Haus” concepts. So today, we would like to introduce Luca Nichetto to you in more detail.

Luca Nichetto fascinates with a clear design language with simultaneous sophistication.

The native Italian founded a multidisciplinary design studio in Venice in 2006, which specialized in industrial, product design, and design consulting. This studio worked with various brands and organizations from the start. Luca Nichetto earned an international reputation. In 2011 Nichetto opened a second studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Since then, Luca Nichetto Studio has focused on the areas of interior design and architecture. But actually, his story began somewhere else.

Luca Nichetto at his workplace. (Source: nichettostudio.com)

Luca Nichetto was born in Venice in 1976. He studied at the Istituto Statale d’Arte in the city before graduating from Università Iuav di Venezia in 1998 with a degree in industrial design. In 1999, Luca Nichetto began his professional career with the Murano-based glass manufacturer Salviati. He then became a product designer and consultant for the lighting company Foscarini. In the course of his career, Nichetto worked as an art director for many international design brands. He gave lectures and directed workshops at various universities. He was also hired as a professor of design at the Università Iuav di Venezia and as a jury member for various international design competitions. An all-rounder that is looking for its equal. For his highly researched, innovative design projects, which span products, furniture, accessories, architecture, and exhibition design, he has received numerous international design awards.

Luizet is a modular sofa system that invites to combine together various elements by a distinctive geometry. An arched angular piece, a central square and a circular one, available both as a table and as a pouf, are the foundation for a variety of settings. (Source: nichettostudio.com)

Luizet is a modular sofa system that invites you to combine various elements with one another through a distinctive geometry.

Ein Grund für seinen Erfolg ist sicher die tiefe Leidenschaft und Kenntnis der industriellen und handwerklichen Herstellungsprozesse, die sich durch alle Aspekte der Arbeit von Luca Nichetto Studios zieht. Die Projekte zeichnen sich durch Liebe zum Detail ebenso wie durch sorgsam gewählte Herstellungsmethoden aus. Die einzigartige Position der Studios sowohl in der skandinavischen als auch in der italienischen Designkultur hat Nichetto Studio weltweite Anerkennung verschafft.

One reason for his success is undoubtedly the deep passion and knowledge of the industrial and craft manufacturing processes that run through all aspects of Luca Nichetto Studios’ work. The projects are characterized by a love of detail as well as carefully selected manufacturing methods. The studios’ unique position in both Scandinavian and Italian design culture has earned Nichetto Studio worldwide recognition.

Another designer has been pulling strings at Nichetto Studios since 2007: Francesco Dompieri.

After obtaining the Liceo Scientifico diploma, Dompieri studied design at the Università Iuav di Venezia (IUAV) and graduated with a first-class degree in 2006 before completing a master’s in product design at the same university. After graduating, Dompieri worked as a concept developer and 3D modeler, first for Studio Random in Rome and then for Studio B8 in Udine. At the Venice Biennale 2008, Dompieri presented a range of table accessories that he had designed in collaboration with IUAV and the leading Murano glassware brand Venini. This exhibition also earned him international recognition. In 2011, the Italian-born and luminary for 3D design became a partner at Nichetto Studio. Both had previously taught at IUAV, where they taught students the basics of 3D design. Today Dompieri mainly works on the product design projects of Nichetto Studio and oversees product development.

Another designer at Nichetto Studios since 2007: Francesco Dompieri.

Since then, Nichetto Studio’s best-known customers include: &Tradition, Arflex, Cassina, Ceramiche Refin, Established & Sons, Ethimo, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Fratelli Guzzini, Glas Italia, Hermès, Land Rover, Moooi, Rolf Benz, Seletti, Wendelbo and many more.

To give you a feel for Nichetto Studio’s work, we introduce you to some of the current designs from Nichetto Studios. Since pictures often say more than a thousand words, we will do the same this time, show you the impressive designs and briefly outline the designs’ critical data. Let’s start as passionate lighting fans with lighting designs by Luca Nichetto Studio.

The lively name Easy Peasy stands for the portable lights by Luca Nichetto Studio.

With its sculptural design and its rounded shape, it blends harmoniously into the ambiance. The body is made of metal with a glass head. The LED light is dimmable, and with its compact size of only 23.3 cm, the lights look almost like decorative play figures. The Easy Peasy portable lamp is rechargeable and available in different color combinations.

It gives warmth and character to any environment. Such flexible designs are particularly interesting for the hotel and restaurant industry. Francesco Dompieri, Chloé Mestrude, and Massimo Minchio, who created the design for Lodes 2019, were in charge of the design.

Easy Peasy portable lamps reflect in their name a playful spirit. With a sculptural design that aims for minimal elegance through rounded shapes, the sculptural design of Easy Peasy is composed of two elements. The body, consisting of a metal base containing a LED source and a white diffuser, is wrapped and held into a glass bell by two different shapes, filtering the light. A knob placed on top of the structure functions as a dimmer. Rechargeable and available in various color combinations, the Easy Peasy portable lamp adds warmth and character to any environment. (Source: nichettostudio.com)

The Easy Peasy portable lamps reflect in their name a playful spirit.

The Jefferson 2019 lamp was also developed for Lodes. It is a pendant lamp made of precious Bohemian crystal, which, according to Luca Nichetto-Studio, “was inspired by the sixties’ psychedelic visual arts.” Using a unique pressing technique, meticulous details are embossed on the transparent surface, creating a refined line look that plays elegantly with the geometric pattern.

"Jefferson" by Luca NIchetto, is a suspension lamp in precious Bohemian crystal inspired by the psychedelic visual arts of the Sixties. Jefferson reinterprets the geometric pattern on Bohemian crystal through a special pressing technique that imprints meticulous details on the transparent surface. (Source: nichettostudio.com)

“Jefferson” by Luca NIchetto is a suspension lamp in precious Bohemian crystal inspired by the Sixties’ psychedelic visual arts.

You will discover the two elliptical crystal diffusers of Jefferson’s mini version connected by a filigree black chrome frame if you look closely. It thus gives the appearance of a top that seems to be spinning. By adding cylindrical modules, the luminaire is enlarged so that individual combinations are possible.

Now we come to furniture designs by Luca Nichetto Studio.

In 2020, Liv was designed for Rolf Benz, a sofa system tailored to a modern living room’s diverse needs. Thus, through endless possibilities, it enables to obtain precisely the combination that suits the personal space and taste. With the encounter between German quality, technical accuracy, and the inviting comfort that characterizes Italian upholstery tradition, the Liv sofa system finds its modularity through precisely this geometry.

Integrated support surfaces and screens expand the range of combinations. Simultaneously, additional elements such as coffee tables, side tables, and stools enrich the Liv sofa system and allow it to be easily adapted to different environments. A design by Luca Nichetto and Francesco Dompieri.

Liv is a sofa system designed to address the multiple needs of a contemporary living room, allowing to always obtain the right combination through endless possibilities. From the encounter between the German quality and technical accuracy and the warmth of the welcoming comfort characterizing the Italian tradition in upholstery, Liv sofa system finds in the geometrical rigor the formula of its modularity. A beautiful design by Luca Nichetto. (Source: nichettostudio.com)

Liv is a sofa system tailored to a modern living room’s diverse needs and makes it possible always to get the right combination thanks to endless possibilities.

Cinder Block, another modular sofa system, was developed as a series of blocks that can be combined and offer various possibilities, despite the small number of modules. Three different module sizes create a classic upholstery look and offer increased comfort thanks to their generous dimensions. The geometric accuracy of the rectangular armrests and backrests contrasts with the softness of the pillows. The genius is in detail: the back cushions consist of two parts joined together, one of which is sewn together from a cylindrical element with high density, thus guaranteeing the right back support.

Cinder Block is a modular sofa system designed to allow for an infinite variety of settings through a reduced number of elements. Based on squared modules, the seats available in three different sizes look at the classic proportions of Italian upholstered furniture to build combinations by generous dimensions, enhancing the comfort. (Source: nichettostudio.com)

Another modular sofa system by Luca Nichetto: Cinder Block

Practical accessories such as a tray made of an inner metal plate covered with metal provide a suitable support surface for both the armrests and the backrests. The visible seams on the edges are a lovely detail shared with the upholstery as a feature of the Cinder Block sofa system. This design was developed for Wendelbo Denmark and presented in 2020.

Another clever design from the Nichetto Studio is the Supplì Club Chair.

It was also designed for Artflex in 2020. The softness and elegance of the design are impressive. It looks inviting and immediately suggests a feeling of calm and relaxation to the viewer. The slim metal legs promote lightness, which enhances the simple shape of the seat shell. Modern texture and fabric options offer additional customization options. Its compact, almost square dimensions of 71 x 71 x H72 cm make it a space saver, as it can be found in almost every room. The designers Chloé Mestrude and Massimo Minchio were at work here.

Supplì Club Chair extends the softness and elegance within its perfectly balanced nature. Inviting and elegant, the soft and sinuous curves of the Supplì Club Chair exude warmth and embody a near-perfect spatial anchor for relaxation. Slender metal legs support its plushness, and the body is a simple integrated form enhanced by contemporary texture and fabric options. One of our favorites by Luca Nichetto. (Source: nichettostudio.com)

One of our favorite designs by Luca Nichetto – “Supplì Club Chair” for Aflex.

These are just a few of the more recent designs from the Luca Nichetto Studio. But that is by far not all in their portfolio: exhibition areas, lighting, and seating for public spaces, as well as the appearance of award trophies, have already been designed and implemented. The combination of the two studios in the clearly structured, more natural north (Stockholm) and the Italian, which stands for the highest design standards and extravagance, repeatedly creates extraordinary design objects.

Discover other objects for yourself on the Luca Nichetto Studio website, and let us know which ones you like best and why. We are looking forward to your comments.

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