Maison & Objet 2019 and its trend theme "Excuse my French"

In January, the prestigious and coveted Maison & Objet 2019 will start again with its new theme “Excuse my French”. Since 1995, this international industry meeting for lifestyle, interior and design has become a magnet for visitors, marking and establishing the trends of the coming year. On approximately 110,000 m², about 2,600 – 3,000 exhibitors present their new products from home and abroad every six months in Paris.

The general return to decorating styles of past decades (away from the rather cold modern style or retro) plays into the French fair’s hands. Such a historic country has a lot to offer in this regard. Whether it’s the tendency towards a more contemptonary style, vintage chic, art déco or boho and ethical. France has a rich tradition a story to tell.

The Maison & Objet sees 2019 as the year of the certain “Je ne sais quoi”, the certain something: that shows itself in a mix of casual chic and the same sense of style. Thus sets new impulses for interior trends in 2019.

The trend theme “Excuse my French” was developed by the trend agency NellyRodi and is meant to symbolize the coming consumer trends and social phenomena.

“Excuse my French” sounds funny at first, but hides something completely different behind it. Freely translated, one would say, “Pardon my directness…” or “Excuse me, if I say it so laxly…” One is aware that now an informal, blunt and presumably direct message will come along, which shouldn’t be said to somebody unknown but still gets expressed.

What is typical French design? With "Excuse my French", the Maison & Objet 2019 wants to get to the bottom of this question.

What is typical French design? With “Excuse my French”, the Maison & Objet 2019 wants to get to the bottom of this question.

How does this statement fit into a trend theme of a trade fair like Maison & Objet?

For us it’s the playfulness with which French designers, companies and start-ups are currently approaching their projects. It combines bold forms and patterns with new materials and new ways of working. Or traditional manufacturing processes are experiencing new dimensions by expanding the product range to include new materials and combining with new digital technologies. The tradition that has been tried and tested for years isn’t questioned, but rearranged and integrated. For Vincent Gregoire of the trend agency NellyRodi, it’s because man is on an ongoing search for something out of the ordinary. Especially since globalization is increasingly bringing more standardization. This will then shape current and future interior trends.

In search of the living trends 2019 - a furnishing concept by Athezza. (Source:

A furnishing concept by Athezza, which could also fit to the trend theme “Excuse my French” of Maison & Objet 2019.

Where else, but at an international trade fair like the Maison & Objet, can trade visitors get in touch with new French brands, designers and manufacturers?

The original layout of the fair in “Maison” and “Objet” has the advantage to quickly find new objects and decorative accessories (Objet) or in the “Maison” segment, to find mainly decoration and living space solutions. “Objet” presents new home accessories, home textiles, room fragrances, fashion accessories, children’s and family-specific articles, clever gifts, as well as dishes, cooking and kitchen trends in five halls.

In halls 6-8, “Maison” is divided into “Craft”, “Unique & Eclectic”, “Today” (today’s and tomorrow’s interiors, from contemporary to modern) and “Forever” (timeless elegance). On the separately designated areas called “Signature”, the leading designers and brands of the respective area present themselves. This way, the busy trade visitor can quickly find the contact person for the designs and trends that are most important to him or her.

If you have more time, you can look forward to a comprehensive program of lectures, special areas, awards and the Paris Design Week, which takes place outside the exhibition center at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that over the years the Maison & Objet has established itself from a national fair to an international fair with more than 60,000 visitors from abroad each year. This corresponds to about 40% of the total number of visitors. The increase internationally is remarkable. The riparian states of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Great Britain were all in the double-digit growth range last year.

Relatively new to the trade fair program are the special areas called “What’s New”.

Since 2016, the “What’s New?” areas present the most notable new products of the season, arranged by theme. If you’ve already read our article about interesting special areas of international fairs, this is nothing new for you. For all others here is a summary: Renowned trend scouts and interior designers from France design these spaces. Particular emphasis is placed on making these products stand out from the crowd because they are innovative or because of the materials or manufacturing processes used to create them. Here you can quickly get a picture of the range of products, which were offered in other halls.

These areas are usually divided into different topics. For example such as last year, areas with the name “Share” – a space on which a selection of unique new dishes were presented. “Leisure” highlights the cultural highlights of the show: remarkable new writing materials, gifts, children’s products and accessories were displayed on about 150 m².

The "Leisure" area at Maison & Objet 2018 in Paris offered a great variety of accessories for the interior. (Source:

The “Leisure” area at Maison & Objet 2018 in Paris offered a great variety of accessories for the interior.

“Decor” showed side furniture. These were divided into four styles. Here it was all about beautiful things that significantly influence the interior: mirrors, vases and craft decoration objects – each in the different materials and colors.

The area “Care”. This was an oasis of well-being and the opportunity to recharge your batteries. The trend expert trio Elizabeth Leriche, François Bernard and François Delclaux, who designed all the areas, created a calming and protective space: soft toys, desirable jewelery, unique candles and sustainable bedding were products that encouraged people to relax and think.

We’re excited about the implementation of the “Excuse my French” theme.

You can also look forward to Maison & Objet 2019 with Sebastian Herkner as Designer of the Year. This fair should offer a program like no other, so you should pay a visit. From 18 to 22 January, it opens its doors from 9.30 am to 7 pm (the last day until 6 pm). Sign up for the newsletter to follow our research at Maison & Objet 2019 and get notified about our next article.

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