Novelties and Trends in Decorative Object Lighting

In this article we deal with the novelties and trends in decorative object lighting for restaurants, hotels, museums, companies and public areas. At Light + Building 2018 we were able to discover interesting designs for such projects and would like to introduce them to you with a short video and a few pictures, because it is well known that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Of course, we’ll also focus on this year’s trend material glass, stone and wood, but also on lighting companies with technical finesse for “custom projects” – e.g. customizable products. And we’ll also show you a compilation of special lighting objects.

The companies Terzani and Brand van Egmond have delighted us with their decorative chandeliers and unique light objects.

Even the trade fair presentation by the design company Terzani inspired at Light + Building 2018 with an impressive composition of light and shadow play. Every lamp series by the Italian company impresses with unique effects, which are projected onto the ceiling or the walls. Each radiates a special value through the extremely filigree processing. An example for this is the “Argent” series, which is also described by Terzani as a “silver cloud”.

The design “Kika” by Franziska Hinze is part of the latest collection, is available in various finishes and looks like a diamond that shines different from every angle through the countless small hand-placed platelets in a shimmering gold or silver look.
"Manta" is an extraordinary organic glass design created by the cooperation of managing director Nicolas Terzani and designer Dodo Arslan. (Source:

“Manta” – a completely different design approach, is an extraordinary glass design created by the cooperation of managing director Nicolas Terzani and designer Dodo Arslan. Here it is the organic glass forms and the installation in large groups, which let the lamp really come into its own and make it predestined for hotels.

The label Brand van Egmond showed lighting designs mainly in brass or gold finishes.

We already know the Dutch company from last Light + Building fair in 2016. For us, the luxury brand is synonymous with the artistic implementation of light for elegant yet modern facilities and objects.

Brand van Egmond showed trends in decorative object lighting at Light + Building 2018.

The classic “Fractal” by William Brand was also exhibited at Light + Building 2018, such as “Edison’s Tail” or “Shiro”. Shiro stood out clearly for Brand van Egmond – it is so completely different in its structure as its predecessors. Nevertheless we like the very modern design, which spreads a nostalgic flair thanks to the candle-like light sources.

Nearly all designers devoted themselves to the use of glass for object lighting.

That’s really not surprising since it’s not just a trend material this year, as we had already explained in our previous article. Glass is easy-care, light and heat resistant and extremely decorative and versatile. Among other things, it was used by the Hungarian design label Manooi and sister company Inarchi.

The "Origo Pulzar" lighting design by Manooi follows the trends in decorative object lighting for 2018/2019.

The “Origo Pulzar” lighting design by Manooi follows the trends in decorative object lighting for 2018/2019.

Manooi is committed to classic glass-crystal designs and presented the chandelier “Origo Pulzar” at the fair, which is reminiscent of the era of Artdeco. Round shapes are still in demand for lamps with LED technology. That’s probably why Manooi had its concept “Halo” back at the fair and showed different sizes and light output.

When we talk about glass and the trends in decorative object lighting, we also need to mention the company ArtGlass, which was eye-catching with its stunning light installations.

At Light + Building in hall 5, they showed their skills in working with glass. There were modern designs such as a branch-like light object called “Crack”, just as classic crystals on ring-shaped lamps. The very high-quality workmanship of the glass and crystal can be recognized in every fiber of the objects. ArtGlass specializes in project business and offers tailor-made staging of the light objects. Well-known projects are “Lotus” in Singapore or “Cristalica Kingdom” in Germany. A complete list of inspirational installations can be viewed here.

For a very luxurious and modern style, the lamps by Castro Lighting are suitable.

Gold and brass were also the preferred choice for this Portuguese label. Stylistically, many of their designs are reminiscent of the golden 1920s, yet embody a touch of modernity, fitting very well into luxury villas and hotels. Castro Lighting also offers a variety of customization options. The company offers 12 different metal colors and five surface variants for their products.

The elegant "Triumph" table lamp with golden lampshade and the "Ravel" wall sconce by Castro Lighting.

The elegant “Triumph” table lamp with golden lampshade and the “Ravel” wall sconce by Castro Lighting.

Similar lighting designs were shown by Delightfull in cooperation with Brabbu, Essential Home and Boca do Lobo. They were also present at Salone del Mobile in Milan recently and impressively demonstrated how a harmonious ambience can be created with the right collection of furniture, home textiles and lighting.

Natural wood is still a popular lamp material for many lighting planners.

In addition to the use of glass, the designs of the future will probably focus more and more on natural looks. Natural wood, with its numerous processing options and types, is also part of the trends in decorative object lighting. Features like the grain, bark and natural colors play a greater role than ever before.

Henri Bursztyn is a design company that is known for its elegant and refined wood lamps. At Light + Building 2018 he once again showed his iconic wall lamp “_DECCG“, which decorated his booth.

As a novelty, the Frenchman presented the extremely filigree design “_WARP2”, which is even more impressive in terms of lighting effects compared to its predecessor. We also liked the lamp “_X-FLR6”, which reminds us of the light design “Vertigo” by Petite Friture. Henri Bursztyn swears by the use of wood in his designs and explains in a short interview how the material harmonizes the customer with the luminaires.

Plussmi from Spain also presented pretty wood lamps for the hotel industry at the fair.

Here we enjoyed the combination of practical aspects with design. The wall lamp “Lamparella” acts as a small table at the same time and was able to impress hotel owners in particular. The flowing optics are very nice and its available in four different wood veneers. Also the lamp “Lam Lamp” is available in two types of wood.

The lamp has a very architectural character and comes in pendant, table and wall lamp models. It can be made of light birch wood or in a darker walnut version. The best thing about this Plussmi design is the way the light shines through the wood.

The booth of the label Inarchi offered a large selection of light designs with stone at the Light + Building 2018. (Source:

The booth of the label Inarchi offered a large selection of light designs with stone at the Light + Building 2018.

Another popular material for new products was still stone. No matter if VISO, Brokis or Inarchi. Marble, onyx & co. were effectively integrated into light objects and created inimitable lamps. With Inarchi, it was the unique angular shapes for stone, that drew visitors into its spell. But also the detail, with which it was processed was exemplary for the skill with the material.

These are our impressions of the novelties and trends in decorative object lighting.

Of course, we didn’t forget about the greats of object lighting: Occhio, Molto Luce, Louis Poulsen, Egger Licht and many others. However, our focus in this article was on the more decorative designs with a distinct “wow effect” or interesting processing methods and gadgets that illustrate trends in decorative object lighting the best. We hope the article finds your approval and could inspire you for upcoming projects. Sometimes it’s helpful and in this case “enlightening” to think outside the box.

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