The new Designs for Outdoor Lights in 2020

Now it’s going to be cozy and still bright! The new designs for outdoor lights in 2020 are all-rounders. They illuminate paths, spaces and houses, but are also designed in such a way that they can be adapted to the needs of individual circumstances, both in terms of the lighting components, but also in terms of their functional design.


Let’s start with the first novelty on this topic by the renowned and award-winning design label Artemide. The BIG design office (Bjarke Ingels Group with branches in Copenhagen and New York) has now developed the successful “Gople” series for outdoor use. The interior lights fascinate with high-quality glass art – high-quality plastic was used outdoors. The lightweight and durable plastic diffuser is the central element of the project, which can be combined with various elements to bring light into the room or the surroundings.

The “Gople Portable” design by Artemide is one of our favorites among the new outdoor lights in 2020. (Source:

The “Gople Portable” design by Artemide is one of our favorites among the new outdoor lights in 2020.

Almost nomadic, the variants can be used freely and flexibly. For exaample the hanging version can be hung anywhere with a climbing rope. The floor lamps are attached to a mast at two different heights. Of course, the “Gople” can also simply be placed in the grass. IP protection is available for almost every situation, since the power supply is provided with an IP connector.

Starting from the iconic silhouette of the glass diffuser, Gople proposes new sizes and materials to create different ways of lighting spaces. (Source:

“Gople” Outdoor opens up new ways of using light outdoors with maximum freedom and can be reused and reinterpreted in different environments and situations.

Almost like a tool that can be taken where it is needed. So the user is free to decoratively drape them in the garden during the summer time and use them for optimal path lighting in the winter. The flexibility also allows you to rearrange them again and again when there are structural or design changes in the garden or on the terrace.

Even an evening picnic somewhere else is no problem, as the “Gople Portable” is equipped with a battery that provides light for up to 26 hours. The short charging times are another advantage of the “Gople Portable”. This also makes them interesting for cafes and restaurants with spacious outdoor areas. Another plus: Of course, the “Gople” indoor and outdoor versions are compatible in design, so that the architect can offer a uniform light look for inside and outside. Depending on the local conditions, this can become the connecting design element between inside and outside.

Another development from BIG for Artemide is the light design “La Linea”. A simple light tube at first glance – but with technologically innovative solutions.

La Linea is a flexible light tube that can unfold freely in the room without predetermined arrangements. It is designed so that it can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The fastening elements that disappear into the profile are a great solution. For example, the tube appears to wind along walls, ceilings and floors without a bracket.

"La Linea" is a flexible tube of light, capable to freely twist and turn in space according to undefined geometries. (Source:
The single element is 2.5m or 5m long, but can be expanded. Artemide has managed to make shadows or interfaces disappear even at the junctures of individual elements. “La Linea” is extremely weather-resistant (from -20 °C to + 40 °C). Thanks to a unique combination of light quality, IP protection level, flexibility and modularity, many possible uses are imaginable.

Thanks to its patented optics, “La Linea” creates a uniform and pleasant scattered light with a very high degree of efficiency. The very simple design is also helpful when it comes to integrating light into different living styles.

Another aspect that makes “La Linea” very interesting for wholesalers and architects is the material properties of the light tube. Unlike previous ones, it does not have to be wrapped or packed in one piece, it can be folded. This significantly reduces the packaging volume. Nevertheless, it is high-performance and easy to maintain. Due to its diversity and flexibility, it’s a product with a long service life. The intuitive control of light via the Artemide app, an innovative light control system specially developed by Artemide for all of its LED products, is another advantage.

“La Linea” is ideally suited for designs outdoors, on facades, in parks or in public and urban environments to enhance them. A true all-rounder among the new designs for outdoor lights in 2020.

Not new, but in new versions the “O” design by Artemide is presented.

It was introduced in 2018 as a floor and pendant lamp and has established itself so well in the range that additional sizes have now been added to the portfolio.

“O” is a sculptural lamp designed for outdoor use, which when switched off becomes a picture frame for nature, suggests perspectives and discreetly blends into the surroundings without changing their balance, because – as the name suggests – their shape is a circle. Its lightness is not only in the form. The slim aluminum profile thus becomes an element with a wide range of applications that can be moved as required and creates a pleasant atmosphere in any room with its soft, glare-free light.

The “O” design is one of our sculptural design tips for outdoor lights in 2020. (Source:

The “O” design is one of our sculptural design tips for outdoor lights in 2020.

In addition to the original version with a diameter of 90 cm, “O” was developed in a smaller size of 45 cm and is now also available in a larger version with 150 cm.

The comfortable lighting, which can be controlled via sensors and the Artemide app, guarantees targeted functionality that not only avoids waste, but also respects the circadian rhythm of all animal and plant species. This is a great advantage in view of the strong need for lighting systems with Human Centric Lighting components.

Also for private use, “O” is a beautiful object. Thanks to the cable solution with IP degree of protection it offers the flexibility to set it up for a summer party. Or you can use the uniform lights to become the connecting element between inside and outside. “O” is increasingly becoming a complete product family with elements for the creation of dynamic light landscapes, depending on customer needs.


The outdoor lights from the Italian label Flos also stand for sculptural lights with special effects. Designer Patricia Uriqiuola has already designed several models for Flos, including the “Tatou”, “Chasen” and “Serena” lamps. All of them are characterized by an extraordinary play of light and shadow with high-quality workmanship and sophisticated technology. Their latest design for outdoor lights in 2020 is the “Caule” light series.

"Caule" is a line of floor lamps that are characterized by their soft, flexible stem. (Source:

“Caule” is a line of floor lamps that are characterized by their soft, flexible stem.

“Caule” is a glare-free outdoor collection with simple, subtle lines and yet a strong style identity. Visually based on the botanical structure of a flower, the lamp blends beautifully into gardens and planted paths. The downward light scatter prevents light pollution and thus makes an important contribution to the protection of nocturnal animals. The collection is characterized by the very slim handle and a relatively inconspicuous lamp head. The filigree bollard and floor lamps are available in 5 sizes (80/95/140/230 / 280cm) and 6 different finishes: white, gray, anthracite, black, dark brown and forest green. The series is available in dimmable and non-dimmable versions, as well as 3 light colors (2700/3000 / 4000K). The IP class 66 (with Schuko plug IP44) ensure a safe function even in very wet conditions.

The “Caule Nest” lighting design fascinates with its exciting play of light and shadow. (Source:

The “Caule Nest” lighting design fascinates with its exciting play of light and shadow.

The addition of the “Caule Nest” variant to the series creates another decorative component.

Since the lamp head is translucent and the surroundings are immersed in an exciting play of light and shadow. Designer Patritcia Uriquiola achieves this through a fine-meshed metal grille on the light head.

The “Caule” series knows how to integrate itself into the environment, to stage it discreetly or excitingly and to hardly appear as a light source. Especially for historical parks, hotels with extensive grounds or large villas, “Caule” can be a great way to bring discreetly effective light into the garden without interrupting nature in all its beauty and diversity.

The Japanese designer Nendo designed the “Heco” lighting collection for Flos.

Nendo is known for its modern and partly technical designs, which often “capture” and “hold” the light in some way.

The models of the “Heco” series consist of a very thin metal frame and a 10 cm large frosted glass ball and look like art objects and also implement this decoratively outdoors. The black frame “sinks” optically in one place and so it looks as if the ball gives it its space. The structure of each unit is made of stainless steel for effective resistance to corrosion.

The Heco “Rectangular Table” and “Square Table” are small table creations that incorporate a functional component into the design. They are perfect to be placed next to garden loungers or small seating areas. The table top is available in two quartzite materials (a fine natural stone with sober elegance): London Brown and Crema d’Orcia. The integrated concentric hinge on the table variants also enables the table to be rotated by 350°. This creates further sculptural light objects.

The corner and wall lamp of the “Heco” fascinates with the filigree metal frame, which can be set up or hung in different ways. Thanks to its curved structure, the corner version can be inserted decoratively in niches, even if they do not have a 90° angle. With 55×70 cm it obviously has a larger dimension, but this makes up for it with its subtle structure. The wall lamp is actually more of a floor lamp with also considerable dimensions of 100x160cm, because it is leaned against walls and sets them in scene. 5 meters of outdoor cable and IP44 Schuko plug, as well as an IP65 pedal with dimmer switch for easy switching on and off and for setting the desired amount of light complement the Heco objects sensibly. Two light colors (2700 + 3000K) can be ordered and the light intensity varies from approx. 280 – 600 lm. A Casambi function is also optionally available on request. So the collection can be easily integrated into a lighting control system.

The new “Heco” outdoor lights in 2020 are ideal for customers who love the sculptural aspect of lighting and for whom light is simply not just light. Especially when restaurants and hotels have outside areas with niches and séparées that were delimited by Spanish walls, “Heco” is a good choice. The addition of side table variants to the wall panel is certainly another reason for many architects to consider “Heco” for such an object. “Heco” could also be placed in an upscale private ambience, creating atmospheric, decorative and at the same time functional light.


The Spanish label Marset is known for rather extraordinary materials outdoors. They are known for their lights “Soho”, “Santorini”, “Cala” and “Jaima”. Marset often also presents decorative outdoor pendant lights, which are less in demand in central European outdoor areas, but are very popular especially in southern Europe. Since mid-2019, they have introduced traditionally modern, compact lamps, as well as a large floor lamp with a textile shade.

The “ROC” design by Marset - one of the new outdoor lights in 2020. (Source:

The “ROC” design by Marset – one of the new outdoor lights in 2020.

The compact ROC lamp is a round aluminum housing that covers the light source by means of a pressed structured glass. The compact interior and exterior wall light scatters the light glare-free and homogeneously on the wall. Since the lamp is only around 14 cm in diameter and only 8 cm deep, it is well suited for stairways and floor / wall lighting. The IP class 65 reliably protects them against moisture. They are dimmable as standard and have a powerful 8W COB LED on board.

Another novelty at Marset is an addition to the new “Plaff-on!” Collection by designer Joan Gaspar.

The outdoor design offers the same functions as the indoor version, but it is kept compact in a smaller size with only a 16 cm diameter. With protection class IP65, it is also perfect for the bathroom. This new version can even be equipped with signage accessories and becomes a house number light, for example. Here, too, the lamp is made of weather-resistant aluminum and an opal glass diffuser. Together with the indoor versions, outdoor areas, corridors and stairwells can be uniformly equipped.

Good design is one that lasts. So it is with Plaff-on! (Source:

A good design is one that lasts. So it is with Plaff-on!

The new “TXL” also by Joan Gaspar wants to fill the room with its own light. The design is reminiscent of a typical living room floor lamp and creates a corresponding ambience outdoors. The new design is characterized primarily by its size.

The new “TXL” also by Joan Gaspar for the Spanish label Marset. (Source:

With 204 cm she “grew”, the previous model was only 170 cm high. With 2x E27 bases, it is equipped in such a way that you can equip it individually, depending on how you need it – more as ambient lighting or as reading lighting. The textile shade is water-repellent and always white on the inside. Outside, it is available in either beige or gray. The new TXL floor lamp is particularly suitable for restaurants and hotels, whose outdoor areas should be more homely – their height covers a larger area.


The Belgian company Tribù actually specializes in high-quality garden furniture and accessories for outdoors. Since the early 1990s, Tribù has held the philosophy that the garden and the terrace are the extension of the house and the living space. In line with this, there is a collection of outdoor pendant lights with a special flair in their range. We would like to introduce these to you.

Since the early 1990s, Tribù has held the philosophy that the garden and the terrace are the extension of the house and the living space. (Source:

Under the sounding name “Monsieur Tricot” Tribù presents a nice addition to their garden furniture range. They are definitely also conceivable for indoor areas, because with their pleasing shapes and structures they can fit in harmoniously in a Scandinavian, a country house or an oriental ambience. “Monsieur Tricot” is a collection of knitted and hand-crocheted lighting elements that transform the outdoor area and garden into a magical place. The pendant and floor lamps designed by the Belgian designer Ilia Eckhardt combine traditional techniques with high-performance materials and modern technology.

Ilia Eckardt grew up in the Belgian fashion scene with his mother Hilde Frunt, who knitted prototypes for Belgian fashion designers such as Raf Simons and Dries van Noten. Fascinated by this world, he began to experiment and created his own outdoor lighting collection, which he composed as a family. Meet the pretty “Monsieur Lebonnet”, the graceful “Madame Latoque” and the chic “Madame Cachet”. The (almost) round table lamps made of weatherproof PMMA have a diameter of 30 – 50cm and are equipped with a rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 12 hours in 100% illumination. The integrated LED is dimmable and the lights can also be controlled via Casambi or Bluetooth.

In our selection, the “Madame Latoque” is one of the most effective outdoor lights in 2020. (Source:

In our selection, the “Madame Latoque” is one of the most effective outdoor lights in 2020.

The pendant lights have dimensions of 30, 40 or 60cm in diameter. Here, however, a standard E27 socket has now been used and a 5m supply line creates scope for the design. The ajour knit and knot patterns create interesting interplay of light and shadow and immerse the garden in a homely atmosphere. Pendant arrangements can be imagined in restaurants with garden seating areas, as can groups of table lamps near a hotel pool or on the terrace. A winter garden, a pergola or the spacious balcony of an apartment can also be staged with the series and create a living room flair outdoors.

So much for our novelties in outdoor lights in 2020.

They all impress with their flexibility in the area of application, the possibilities of compiling the collection or the functionality. They are real all-rounders and are sure to find followers who plan a place in a garden, a café or a hotel complex.

What do you think, which lights do you particularly use when designing a terrace and garden? Write us, tell us which outdoor lights 2020 we should also consider in detail or for which purposes you still need lighting ideas? Who knows, maybe another article will result for you and our readers.

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