The Spring-Summer Trends 2021 in the Interior

In this article, we would like to give you a brief insight into the spring-summer trends in interior 2021. We looked around at well-known manufacturers and retailers for furniture, accessories, and home textiles: Boltze, Hübsch Interior, Ib Laursen, Bungalow Denmark, Noor Living, and some impressions from trade fairs are part of it. Our focus is on color, patterns, and material trends in the decoration and accessories segment, home textiles, and furniture sector.

Colors and seasonal trends for spring 2021

After the long winter, it is above all the orange-terracotta colors that characterize spring in the interior. Orange flowering ranunculus, tulips, and roses play an important role in the floral decorations. The combination with structure-heavy natural material such as pussy willow, lichen, filigree branches, feathers, birch bark, or water hyacinth results in an exciting constellation. Terracotta looks fresh with mint or very light green. Vanilla or slightly nostalgic rosé tones are also included when it comes to traditional Easter decorations. They are lavishly staged with green and gold.

For lovers of noble decoration, e.g., of an Art Deco ambiance, black and gold is a good choice, whereby black decorations should then have a filigree touch and should not be placed too lavishly. Intense dark orange, green or blue tones (please choose only one of them), as well as silhouettes of golden rabbits or little birds, fit in very well. But we can also expect that chrome-colored accessories are on the rise again, even if they are cautious. But not as a high-gloss object at the moment. Plants such as grass, orchids, and artichokes also exude a noble flair.

Rose and mint have been the best sellers in Easter decorations for years, and new additions are vanilla and gold, which will also influence the summer trends in 2021. (Source:

Then, of course, there is also the natural trend among the summer trends 2021, which has been on the rise for almost a year. The color palette this year is largely based on light natural nuances and terracotta colors. It is set in scenes with honey-colored woods, natural bast, jute, lichen, or even leather. Black or dark anthracite serves as an accent. The accessories are then made of natural materials such as natural white ceramics and are often stylized in their shape. Wreaths made of branches, baskets, and wooden boxes offer the right place for decoration.

"All Natural" is the name of a new style of living that is now establishing itself. What is important here: furnishings made from materials that are as natural as possible and in natural shapes. (Source:

Colored or transparent glass vases, e.g., with air pockets, or preserving jars with jute cord or macramé decoration are also suitable. Companies such as Boltze, Noor, Werner Voss, or Hoff Interior show their ingenuity for seasonal decorations every year.

It's all about the combination. Boltze shows that even more funky colors such as water green through natural shapes and decorations and draping with other vessels result in a harmonious ensemble. (Source:

Lavender, violets, and blue hyacinths are more likely to be placed outside in 2021 rather than in the interior, but the same applies here: Trendy is what you prefer. That is authentic.

Blue, gray, and yellow are still a trend in the interior 2021

While it is quite colorful in the decoration segment at Easter, there are not many color trends in the color range of furniture and home textiles. Blue is still used as a muted color in home textiles. Pantone recommended several shades of blue in 2020, including “Classic Blue”, “Provence”, “Baby Blue” and “Cashmere Blue”. Since blue in color theory stands for openness and concentration, it is often used in workrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

"Classic Blue" was Pantone's color of the year 2020. (Source:

Blue as the basic color will continue to prove itself, considering the travel options that are probably still restricted due to Corona. Blue also suggests the vastness and freedom that we currently lack. Combination suggestions from Pantone were mainly beige, anthracite, coral, and warm honey tones. Suitable for almost every furnishing style, blue will therefore also remain in play in 2021.

In the interior, blue remains an impressive accent color. As wall paint, sometimes more, sometimes less intense, it will also be among the summer trends in 2021.
Pantone hat sich 2021 für ein neues Farbduo entschieden. Sie schicken ein harmonisches Gelb, sowie einen erdigen Grauton ins Rennen der Trendfarbe 2021. Während uns das dezente Grau erdet und ausgleicht, sorgt das Gelb für Lichtblicke im Interior und das im Sinne des Wortes. Die klingenden Namen Illuminating und Ultimate Gray sind ein interessantes Duo für´s Interior. Sie passen sowohl in moderne Interiors, in naturliebende Interiors, aber auch in Stile wie dem Skandinavischen oder einem Ethnoambiente. Einem Retrostil verpasst das Gelb mehr Frische. Einzig im Maritimen Stil ist das Duo nicht angeraten.

Pantone decided on a new color duo in 2021. They send a harmonious yellow and an earthy shade of gray into the race for the trend color 2021. While the subtle gray grounds and balances us out, the yellow provides bright spots in the interior and the true sense of the word. The names “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray” are the interesting duo for the interior. They fit into modern interiors, in nature-loving interiors, and styles such as Scandinavian or an ethnic ambiance. The yellow gives a retro-style more freshness. Only in the maritime style is the duo not recommended.

The new color duo for 2021 is "Illuminating" and "Ultimate Gray". (Source:
Noor Living has perfectly staged the color duo and suggests a natural ambiance with geometric influences. In an urban jungle or an all-natural style, the clearly structured honey-colored furniture with the gray-yellow Heimtex accents blends in nicely.

Noor Living shows how it's done: gray and yellow in perfect harmony with honey-colored woods and modern flair. (Source:

Texture, texture, texture

We come to materials and surfaces under the summer trends 2021. As already mentioned with the decoration trends, the textured surfaces are in trend this year. Textured, openwork looks are on the rise. Here are a few examples: boutique items such as vases, mirror mountings, lanterns, and tableware have more texture.

In 2021, mirrors and picture frames also show their penchant for the natural: here with bamboo by Ib Laursen. (Source:

With glass, this is noticeable through crystal optics and raised lines, as well as corresponding colors. Boltze has a remarkable portfolio in its program. With metal, it is hammer blows, corrugations, but these are not very present this year if more in the noble furnishing styles. With ceramics, the color-contrasting edge or a handcrafted glaze with inclusions plays an important role in achieving this effect. A color trend in ceramics: dark colors through to black ceramics.

In furniture wood, it is the grain, natural bark, or finishes or the combination with metal or herringbone optics on furniture, as is new in the Hübsch range this year.

Terrazzo looks and stone looks with dramatic textures, for example, on floors and walls, are also still in play. There are also combinations of different material haptics, flowing color transitions, or lines that make up the texture in the home textile sector. Upholstery manufacturers are also increasingly offering upholstery fabrics with texture or relying on distinctive seams.

When furnishing, it is important that the structured or finely patterned or printed objects only really come into their own when combined with largely plain-colored partners or with subtle, only slightly polished surfaces. A plain-colored table runner with little texture goes well with structured, possibly colored lanterns. Side tables with corrugated metal or a rug with different heights and a dramatic pattern go well with a plain gray couch.

Why lines will shape designs in 2021

This brings us to the next of our summer trends 2021: patterns and shapes in the interior. Zigzag lines are currently the geometric pattern used in home textiles. Vertical lines will also play an important role in curtains and drapes in 2021. Geometric patterns such as lines, rhombuses, and hexagons, on the other hand, are more present in a “freehand” look. Vertical lines can be seen, especially in curtains and drapes. This is understandable for fitters because they give every room more height. Why is that becoming a trend? Well, when you have to spend as much time in your own four walls as in 2020 and 2021, the need for space grows. An interior that strives upwards and is designed in a friendly and open manner suits this very well.

A pattern that will be present in home textiles in 2021 is the zig-zag pattern. (Source:

Home textiles shape the style of living

Slightly transparent fabrics, flowing color changes, and harmonious, rather light colors will play a major role in the home textiles sector in 2021. Curtains made of natural materials such as wafer-thin linen are also among the summer trends 2021, as they fit perfectly into the all-natural style. But that does not mean that gloss is out of the home textiles. A subtle sheen with a slightly transparent look is definitely desirable and popular with noble styles such as Art Deco.

In the case of curtains in 2021, transparency is more the trend. But it can also be natural horizontal lines and freehand optics. (Source:
When it comes to pillows and plaids, the selection is again large this year. Knotted optics and knitwear are still in trend in more natural facilities. Even if they are less in demand in summer, this naturally comes up again in autumn. For the modern but also Scandinavian styles, there is the trend towards surreal motifs or one-line art. The reminiscent motifs of Picasso & Co. can already be found on pictures, crockery, and home textiles and will certainly still be used by carpets, plaids, and bed linen. This tendency towards surrealism and one-line art also reflects the need for more space and more connectedness (everything connected in one line). You go mentally away from the forms that could lock you in, towards flowing lines, filigree patterns, and openwork optics that leave room for imagination.

Which furniture styles are starting to trend and why?

The urge for solidarity and openness can also be felt with furniture. Furniture such as upholstered furniture, armchairs, cupboards, and tables generally remain geometrical in their basic principle (in cupboards even very often). However, the lightness and security unfold through the material’s haptics and through the use of filigree vertical furniture feet, some of which disappear completely under the furniture and give the piece of furniture an almost floating appearance. Understandably, wall cupboards are still among the summer trends for 2021. Light-colored furniture woods play an important role. It implies that the Nordic-Japanese trend will continue to establish itself. This can be recognized by the vertical furniture feet and geometric patterns such as herringbone or wickerwork on the furniture surfaces.

This ensemble by Ib Laursen is summery and yet earthy. The terracotta harmonizes very well with the natural materials of the living accessories. (Source:
For us, the all-natural trend can be found in all segments, both indoor and outdoor, and it will also remain one of the main trends in 2021-2022. Popular furniture colors here are honey-colored woods and light, largely natural woods, such as bamboo or rattan. The best: it can usually be easily established from almost every trendy trend from the last few years – whether it’s an urban jungle, Scandinavian, a hygge, wabi-sabi, or a modern style.

The modern furniture style will continue to use the color palette for tables, chairs, and cupboards in 2021-2022. Although wood is still in demand as a look in combination with metal, stone, or perforated sheet, there are also bold interactions, such as black tables with plain colored chairs. Monochrome wall units with terrazzo floors or concrete walls also create exciting modern contrasts. The color palette is mostly matt and rather muted: in addition to white and anthracite, terracotta, blue or green are suitable colors. Important: the color of the furniture should be reflected in other interior objects. And the more prevalent the colored piece of furniture in the room, the smaller the area of repetition of the color in the room should be.

Welche Farbe, welche Materialien werden sich Ihrer Meinung nach weiter etablieren oder neu hinzukommen? Interessieren Sie sich für weitere Details der Trends 2021-2022, für Farbpaletten und Wohnstile? Dann werfen Sie einen Blick in unser E-Book “Interior Trends 2021/2022”.

Which color, which materials do you think will continue to establish themselves, or are new ones being added? Are you interested in further details of the trends 2021-2022, color palettes, and living styles? Then take a look at our e-book “Interior Trends 2020/2021”.

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