A Look at the Trend Colors for Christmas 2017
What are the trend colors for Christmas 2017 and how can you combine them in a fitting fashion?

These questions may have occurred to you as well. Especially businesses, after the Oktoberfest and Halloween must present new decorations. And so we did research at different platforms and fairs and want to present our trend colors for the coming Christmas season. We admit, this year there are many different influences and it is difficult to define three to five colors.

Since Christmas is a traditional festival for many, the decorations that people choose are often characterized by childhood memories. It is therefore no wonder that nostalgic elements are always present and the classic colors such as red are not missing. Here are our impressions of what the trend colors for Christmas 2017 could be and how they can be best combined.

First of all: White belongs to Christmas more than ever this year.

This year, white is the most elegant with discreet gold combinations, which gives the whole ensemble a warm note. Muted white porcelain pendants, small golden birds with white tail feathers, a feather boa as garland or colored peacock feathers as a stylish supporting element and decorative extension of the branches – the ideas are endless.

Feathers: Highlight Christmas 2017
This Christmas feathers are an absolute must in decoration. (Source: raeder.de)
This Christmas feathers are an absolute must in decoration. (Source: raeder.de)

White and or golden balls with a muted finish complete the Christmas tree. If you don’t want to buy a plentiful feather boa, you can make one of wire and feathers, or stick some cotton wool around a white woolen cord and then carefully pick it up. Stores also offers great pieces for sale.

We were able to see some beautiful ideas for white Christmas decoration at the Tendence 2017 in Frankfurt in June. The company Räder had great inspirations and gift ideas.

Porcelain in homemade style with filigree drawings and embossing was only the beginning. Light bags with decorative messages also create atmosphere in smaller flats. We particularly like the feathers with fine golden or copper-colored decors.

The strikingly thin ceramic wind lights are particularly noble, with subtle gray letters and translucent perforations harmonizing very nicely or the tealight holders by Kinta, also in subtle white with gold shimmer. For us, “Copper Can” or “Toast” by Pantone are also trend colors for Christmas 2017, because these two beige-rose tones contrast the white harmoniously. And if you want more color accent, you choose these two shades.

Räder also showed another trend for the winter: white in combination with bright and honey-brown colors. This is, for example, something for fans of the modern country house style or Scandinavian.

Here, a lot of natural materials are used in the decoration, often with a white finish. A proper setting for a winter decoration could be a village made of untreated wood with wind lights behind it, or the ceramic houses by Räder with additional moss and branches from outside. The table with white porcelain is then spiced up with subtle green and gingerbread. This also fits well on the tree. Golden accessories spice up the whole decoration.

Trend colors for Christmas 2017: Cosy White Christmas

Lovers of the vintage style always get their money’s worth at Christmas.

Customs play an important role for many people on Christmas. Lavishly decorated, traditional accessories for the tree are compulsory. Balls in different shapes such as onion, cone shape, balls with decorative and antique finishes shouldn’t be left out. Accessories such as nostalgic rocking horses, birds, angel figures, porcelain cones and the like are also a must. This year the trend colors of the decoration in vintage style are old-rosé or pastel-sea green. The warmth comes from the traditional shapes and a lot of natural green.

Trend colors for Christmas 2017: Grandma`s Vintage Chest

So far, the style was more mostly working with silver in combination. This year it is an old silver, which looks slightly gray. Also iron, or black-silver can be used here discreetly. These and similar decorations have also been exhibited by Boltze and Chic Antique in their new ranges.

Another style that also works with iron and silver as metal colors is the modern style.

Here among the trend colors for Christmas 2017, a dark purple, rosé and gray are increasingly trending. Balls and accessories in this combination harmonize well with the soft materials, as they are also used with “Cosy White Christmas”. Need an example? A gray fake fur coverlet with lanterns in rosé and purple on top.

Trend colors for Christmas 2017: Purple Christmas Vibe

Anyone who combines the clever way, creates a bridge between traditional vintage pieces and modern accessories. The iron hue in curved elements, the gray to wool white in soft materials or simple white-lacquered wood decorations and natural green in the form of twigs create a feeling of well-being.

Green also makes it on our list of trend colors for Christmas 2017.

Because “Greenery” happens to be Pantone’s color of the year 2017, green certainly finds its way in the decorations for Christmas 2017. We already noticed an increasing use of green last year. The only difference this time: the manufacturers have followed suit and so there is a lot more to choose from this year. From the bright “Greenery” over the rich dark, olive-colored “Kale” to the retro green called “Treetop”, there’s something for everybody. At Tendence 2017 several companies used this winter color palette, including the young label Finnsdottir as well as the large company ASA with its versatile range of dishes and accessories.

If you prefer Greenery, combine it with a bit of silver (rather for modern interior) and natural elements, such as cones and larch branches. We see the dark tones as a trend this winter. These are each decorated with different gold nuances. Also nice: spice up the classic red-white scheme with green balls, then the white is slightly shorter and everything looks fresher. Pantone’s “Shaded Spruce”, which was presented by Pantone in autumn, should be combined with golden decorations and accessories and is particularly beautiful in upperclass living styles of the 60s, but certainly also in art deco and baroque furniture.

However, we also have to mention the popular petrol for this season.

A petrol with balls and accessories looks particularly beautiful with lightly white-laminated wooden counterparts and more natural forms like deers out of wood. Wooden pendants with a deliberate love for imperfection also look very nice. Crystal glasses and wind lights with subtle golden edges or inner life, for example, create a pleasant atmosphere on the table.

Bright blue tones are also a trend for Christmas this year.

Dark blue harmonize very well with strong gold to old gold and who prefers – also copper. With this also straw stars look good, for those who don’t want to miss a certain nostalgic touch. A bit of glitter in this combination helps bringing up even more Christmas mood.

Trend colors for Christmas 2017: Ice Blue Christmas

On the other hand, icy, light blue tones are decorated with silver and white. Since the ice blue is also on the rise in fashion, this could be the color for the most trend-conscious among us this year. It still acts warm when you use feathers, cotton or pendants with fake fur or felt and nostalgic shapes like in vintage. An interesting trendy color accent can be achieved with an average orange tone, for example with Pantone’s “Autumn Maple”.

These are our favorites of the trend colors for Christmas 2017.

You see, the combination possibilities are endless and Pantone’s color palettes have contributed their part to the color favorites of this Christmas season. Are you missing an important color or combination in our listing? Tell us about your forecasts and ideas about the trend colors for the coming season.

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